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Feed the Beast recap: Screw You, Randy

When Mr. Moran gives the boys $75,000, Dion goes on a spending spree, which puts Tommy in a tough spot

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Ali Paige Goldstein/Lionsgate Television/AMC

Feed the Beast

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David Schwimmer, Jim Sturgess

At one point or another someone was going to have to tell Tommy that his kid was getting bullied and that Mr. Moran wasn’t responsible for the bruises on TJ’s body. It probably wasn’t going to be TJ because the kid doesn’t talk, and lord knows Mr. Moran is all about keeping things tense and hostile. So that leaves Dion to tell his longtime friend that TJ is getting bullied and that in order to keep Thirio alive, Tommy’s going to have to go to his father and apologize for accusing him of beating his grandson.

Tommy meets with the school counselor first to discuss what can be done about the bullying, but after that he goes to see his father along with Dion. The two quickly apologize and Mr. Moran, being his usual self, says that they have a contract and he never intended to go back on it. So he gives Dion a check for $75,000 for startup costs, and, suddenly, the two boys are off and running.

There’s just one problem: Tommy and Dion don’t really know how to run a restaurant. Sure, they know wine and food, but the business end isn’t really their strength. That’s when Pilar steps in and offers to help, despite the fact that she doesn’t really know how to run a restaurant either. She will seriously do anything to get in Tommy’s pants at this point. Is she aware that he’s not that attractive as a prospective boyfriend? He’s kind of a mess.

Meanwhile, the Tooth Fairy is bragging to his father that everything’s under control and that the stolen Asian shipment is proof of that. The elder Tooth Fairy isn’t so pleased though. He knows the cops will be looking for that shipment, that they can’t possibly move it now. So, he tells him to hide the coke in five different places for a few months until the heat goes away. That leads the Tooth Fairy to demand another favor from Dion, forcing him to hide some coke in his couch in Tommy’s place.

With the restaurant finally receiving some funding from Mr. Moran, Dion gets a little carried away with the spending. He starts buying expensive oven hoods and $700 frying pans. Plus, he’s throwing money at his old supporting chef crew and helping his friends pay for lawyers to handle immigration issues. That money’s going to go quick, but Dion insists that it’s all for the good of the restaurant.

Because Dion blows nearly all of the $75,000 in a matter of days, despite Pilar’s protestations, there’s no money left for Tommy to stock up on premium wine. Of course, Dion has a plan: They’ll just go back to Tommy’s old employer and rob his warehouse. Tommy wants nothing to do with it though, even as Dion tells him that they don’t have too many other options and that if they want to get a restaurant in the Bronx off the ground they’re going to have to get their hands dirty from time to time.

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