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Fear the Walking Dead finale recap: Season 2, Episodes 14 and 15

What Travis learns has drastic consequences, but who’s left standing when the narcos arrive?

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Fear the Walking Dead

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Ruben Blades, Mercedes Mason, Cliff Curtis
Drama, Horror

The narcos are preparing to invade the colony, Travis is back with Madison, the “savage” boys he met appeared at the hotel overnight… And with the final two episodes of Fear the Walking Dead airing back-to-back Sunday night, anything can happen.


The season 2 finale begins with Ofelia continuing her lone-wolf journey towards the U.S.-Mexico border, but her car breaks down with fumes erupting from the front hood. The camera angle notes someone is watching her, and as she tries to fix the scolding hot wires with her shirt-wrapped hand, we learn it’s actually a few walkers come to surprise her. The first walker bites her hand but doesn’t get through the fabric to flesh, so she’s able to trap it by slamming the hood on its arm. She scrambles for the hammer in her car in time to kill the second, and the third offers a brief scare by popping through the window.

Ofelia sees more walkers on the way, so she grabs her rosary beads, her backpack, and a jug of water and sets out to finish her journey on foot, walking along a long wall that disappears behind a baron hill.

The still dialogue-less episode continues with Nick in bed next to a slumbering Luciana. He creeps out in the middle of the night to meet up with Pablo, and the two sneak into the medic bay to steal the Oxy they’ll need to trade with the narcos at the warehouse. As they make their way down to the bus, Pablo recognizes a change in Nick and comments, “New love will make a man brave.”

At the hotel, Madison watches over Travis from a chair as he wakes from a disturbed sleep. She’s been sitting there all night thinking about how to tell him what she wants to in a way he’ll hear it. She tries to convince him he didn’t betray his promise to Liza — like he suggested last week — and he did all he could for Chris, but “the rules are different and always changing” in this new world. He’s not really buying it, but Madison promises to hold onto this hope and remind him of it until he believes it, too.

In the morning, Nick and Pablo arrive at the warehouse, where the narcos are loading up trucks with supplies. When Antonio approaches, Nick says they have the Oxy and are led inside to speak with Marco.

Back at the hotel, Alicia visits Travis to check on him and bring him food. She pulls back the drapes to let in some sunlight and apologizes for what she believes were her contributions to pushing Chris further away. Travis explains Chris is sick and even he, his father, couldn’t see it. He then apologizes to Alicia for not believing her when she first came forward about Chris’ leanings.

Things are moving equally slow at the warehouse, though it’s clear Marco is mapping out where the colony keeps the walkers (the “sombras”) on a map, telling his subordinate they’ll claim the territory with “a lot of firepower.” Nick tries to make a deal by forking over a bag full of Oxy and reminding him of their punctuality with prior deliveries. Marco admires Nick for his smarts, but says they don’t need the colony’s “shit” anymore.

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