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Fear the Walking Dead recap: Captive

Captives are taken on both sides as Alicia wants to find her family and Madison focuses solely on saving hers

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Peter Iovino/AMC

Fear the Walking Dead

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Ruben Blades, Mercedes Mason, Cliff Curtis
Drama, Horror

A rescue mission is underway on Fear the Walking Dead as the crew of the Abigail, led by the fury of Madison, heads off to save Travis and Alicia from Connor’s captivity.

Although the show seemed to be setting Connor up as some big threat for the Abigail crew to face, he is merely a pit stop along their path of problems, a mini-boss in a sea presumably holding much greater threats. And while the brothers behind this pirating enterprise meet their end by the conclusion of “Captive,” they cause plenty of strife, particularly for the two they’ve taken hostage.

Initially, life doesn’t seem so horrible for Alicia, aside from the kidnapping, separation from her family, and living in a post-viral apocalyptic world. She’s free of any restraints, sitting in a comfortable diner booth on a boat while Connor is cooking her a big steak. He hopes to get to know her, but Alicia’s only interested in knowing about Travis and whether her family made it to shore.

Connor tells her she could be happy with his crew, though she clearly has no intention of sticking around to find out whether that’s true. After Connor leaves to fix the failing generator and Vida appears briefly to steal Alicia’s steak, she does everything she can to escape her new prison, only to make her way to the top of the massive boat and discover she’s not out on the open ocean but at a port.

Jack finds Alicia out on deck and drags her back inside out of concern for what Connor might do if he discovers her outside (though he is surprised by how kindly Connor takes to her because cooking a newbie a steak is out of the ordinary). Again, Alicia has Travis and her family on the brain, not pleasing Connor, but Jack is hesitant to cross his leader in any way, even to sneak the girl he hopes falls for him to wherever Travis is being hidden.

For now, however, she has to play along with Jack’s instructions, learning to log nearby boat movement and details until she’s eventually asked to make contact based on Connor’s preferences. The process offers her some insight into Jack’s contact with her, along with how this whole outfit operates. Some ships live, some die, and it’s all a matter of luck and chance.

She comes to understand what happens to the less fortunate boats as she begins tracking some of the nearby ships. She notices a ship coming toward them, and referencing Jack’s logs, she discovers it’s the Abigail. It’s too soon for the boat to be coming back if her family was dropped off on shore, so she demands the truth from Jack as the two physically struggle. Alicia gets a few painful swipes with a clipboard in, but Jack is only able to talk around what happened to the boats Reed was sent after in this game of chance and choice.

So she wants to go find her family, and Jack agrees to come with Alicia. They’ll distract Connor by having him surveil a possible new boat of interest, but before they can go, Alicia wants to check in with Travis, who has been confined in much worse conditions.

And why is that exactly? Because Alex (incorrectly referred to here as Charlie because of a switch in the character’s official name that led to some confusion on my part — apologies for the mistake!) is the reason Travis was brought on the ship. Travis, locked up in a dingy cell, is approached by Alex as she tells him of what happened to her after her raft was cut off from the Abigail. She had to end her friend’s life and throw him out of the boat before Connor and his group found her and asked what she could offer.

Alex offered them the Abigail, and in return, she asked for Travis. She harbors great anger for what happened to her and her friend while Travis did nothing to save them. He knew the right thing to do, she tells him, and he chose to do the other thing.

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