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Falling Skies recap: Ben Mason, Push-up Champion

The Second Mass braces for a possible attack from the skitters and suspicious older men.

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Falling Skies
Ken Woroner/TNT

Falling Skies

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We’re now halfway through the first season of Falling Skies, and what tonight’s episode makes abundantly clear is that the show has finally found its footing. Yes, there are still some nagging problems: the series’ quieter moments lack the emotional pull they’re going for. But, I’m guessing most fans found this week’s hour one of the more satisfying, especially with the final minute’s long-awaited reveal!

After last week’s dramatic rescue of the harnessed kids, things at the school have calmed a bit, but not for long. Anne takes a look at Eli, who’s medically known as a “faker,” and finds nothing wrong with him. It turns out that whole check-up was a front: Eli’s parents plan on stealing all of the colony’s medicine and striking out on their own. Anne puts up a fight, but ends up with a busted lip and no more meds. Tom and Weaver don’t take kindly to this and head out with Mike to retrieve the stolen goods. Luckily, a member from the Seventh Mass, Clayton, gets to the rogue family first, takes back the meds and sends them packing.

Unfortunately, Clayton’s got some bad news. Skitters and mechs virtually wiped out the Seventh and took the kids with them. On top of that, the way the invaders are moving hints that they’re heading right for the school, with only the Third Mass between them and our heroes. Command has ordered the two groups to meet up at the school and to send everyone under 20 to a cabin in the woods (the epitome of safety) that seems to be free from skitter attack. Once the Third arrives, everyone else will then head to the cabin. Weaver gives Tom the thankless job of letting the parents know that their kids will soon be leaving, but the professor isn’t so sure that’s the best idea just yet.

Every week it becomes clearer that Anne is Falling Skies‘ most interesting character. Still reeling from the attack, Anne has a tough time accepting the gun Margaret gives her, but anyone who saw last week’s badass Anne attack on the skitter is just itching for her to get her hands on some cold steel.

NEXT: Welcome to Jurassic Park!…err, I mean Skitter Park!

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