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Falling Skies season finale recap: The Skitter End

The Second  Mass is ready to mount its assault on the skitter base, and Rick finally lets his skitter flag fly.

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Falling Skies
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Falling Skies

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After a summer of ups and downs, Falling Skies ended its first season with two of its best hours and a reminder of the premiere’s promise. Everything that made the show a refreshing summer series was back tonight, plus we got to see Rick climb up a wall Exorcist-style.

Before we begin, let’s dedicate the season’s final recap to the late, great Dr. Harris. I’m sure he’s up in the big chem lab in the sky, presumably getting punched in the face.

The finale opened with a surprisingly touching moment from the eaters. (After all the Second’s fighters have been through this summer, it’s hard to not call them that.) As the troops mount their plan of attack on the enemy base over Boston, the civies take a moment to kick back and enjoy a movie, just like Shawshank Redemption—which in all likelihood is playing on TNT at this very moment. But all isn’t well in the school. Anne shares her discovery about the harnesses buried inside the skitters with Tom, and both question what it will mean for Ben and his gross back callouses. (Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize.)

On the bright side, Weaver is seemingly over whatever was bothering him last week. (Most celebrities call it exhaustion.) Anyway, Dai has gone ahead to talk with Porter about coordinating the attack on the Boston structure, but ominously, he’s late. In the meantime, Tom and Weaver prepare for the assault in front of a clear drawing board the Second must have borrowed from the Rebel Alliance on Hoth. Professor Mason still has his reservations about Weaver’s ability to command after his breakdown, and Dai only makes matters worse when he returns badly injured.

Word from Porter is that the attack is to proceed as planned, except for one small change in the Second. Weaver wants Lt. Danner, a military man, to replace Tom as his second in command. This directly contradicts what Porter said, and Tom is none too happy about it either, especially when he gets stuck with sentry duty.

Thanks to the Second’s very own drug dealer, Lourdes, we find out what Weaver’s been taking. He’s in an addictive cycle of uppers and downers and from most accounts, is still acting unstable. Tom fears that any accusations against the captain could tear the unit apart, so he sends Hal and Margaret to cover his sentry duty and probably make out. (Hey, just because we didn’t see it, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.) When Tom approaches Weaver, things don’t go over so well. Completely paranoid, Weaver orders Lt. Danimal to take Tom’s weapons and lock him in the boiler room.

Who do you turn to for a father figure when yours is locked in the boiler room? The ex-con, of course! Matt has taken a shine to Pope as his first official act of rebellion, but Pope isn’t so keen to the idea. The boy then cuts to the core of the matter when he asks Pope, “What’s it like, having hair like a girl?” Hey! Geddy Lee is not a girl.