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'Faking It...Again'

Amy and Karma are faking it…again.

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Faking It

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Rita Volk, Katie Stevens

What’s the best way to get over a breakup? Well, if you’re Karma, you’re looking to re-evaluate your life by checking out a few self-help books, sporting a new hat, and maybe pretending to be in a relationship with your best friend who once admitted to being in love with you. The usual.

That’s right, Karma and Amy are back to faking it. But this time, it’s for a good cause: Karma’s mom, Molly, lied to her PFLAG group about Amy and Karma still being a couple, and now, the two are tasked with pretending to be in a relationship at the upcoming square dance fundraiser to help keep up the ruse. After all, Amy’s feelings for Karma are totally ancient history, what could go wrong? (Other than everything.)

Meanwhile, Lauren is having a hard time keeping Farrah’s secret from her dad (and keeping her sassy comebacks to herself), and when Hank makes a house call, things get even more awkward. Bruce takes the friendly approach and invites him to dinner — but Hank is already going to the PFLAG party with Amy. Amy sees Hank as the more “supportive” parent, which stings Farrah.

At the PFLAG hoedown, the gang’s all here: “Hook-up hunters” Shane and Liam have nixed the facial hair and week-old pizza in favor of a night out on the town while Bruce and Farrah literally drag Lauren to the event. Farrah is looking to out-parent Hank, and Bruce is hoping to show just how much he supports his little girl (even at the risk of really embarrassing her).

But this “fun-raiser” has truly taken on a life of its own, beyond what Molly was expecting, with shirtless cowboys, a mechanical bull, and a “human tumbleweed” (the next big thing in Western-themed events, duh). The social chair, Shane’s mom, Jackie, has kicked this party up a notch, and it’ll be up to Amy and Karma to use their “relationship” to help Molly reclaim the party.

Jackie introduces Karma and Amy as girlfriends to Shane and Liam, much to the boys’ surprise. Liam pulls Karma aside to chat about the girls’ scheme, and he gives her plenty of attitude before informing Karma that old, playboy Liam is back in action.

Shane confronts Amy about this horrible plan since she clearly still has feelings for Karma, but Amy insists she has boundaries:

  1. No romantic speeches
  2. No hand-holding
  3. No slow dancing

The “boundaries” are immediately called into questioned when Karma tries to hold Amy’s hand (Amy opts for a high-five) and Molly prompts the pair to share their super romantic love story. Karma describes Amy as her soul mate — cue hearts melting everywhere.

But Farrah thinks the whole charade is less than cute and Hank, once again, seems to be the more understanding parent of the two.

As the line dancing continues around them, Bruce takes the opportunity to remind Lauren how much he supports her; he even called the national PFLAG office with questions about their inclusivity. But, he ends up humiliating Lauren further by yelling about her being intersex. (He’s trying so hard!)

It turns out that Molly has been lying about much more than Karma’s sexuality — she’s been lying about her grades, extracurricular activities, and charitable adventures. Dishonesty might run in the Ashcroft family.

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