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Extant recap: You Say You Want an Evolution & The Other

Extant has a two-hour special that brings Molly, the hybrids, and the GSC to war.

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Halle Berry, Brad Beyer, Goran Visnjic
Sci-fi, Drama, Thriller

The two-hour special begins with Molly identifying that her body is producing alien DNA, a result from her pregnancy with Adhu. She sees that there is still human DNA present, but the alien DNA is producing at a rapid pace, explaining all of her side effects and recent “powers”. She knows that in order to reverse this, she needs more of the alien spores, compared with a sample of her bone marrow. JD takes a sample—I can’t say enough about how awesome it is that JD’s character is bringing out the badass in Molly—and Molly heads to the lab to collect the alien spores.

On her way, she stops at Julie’s place to tell Ethan that she loves him, but their inevitable reunion is going to have to go on hold because she’s ill. Ethan doesn’t seem too torn up, but that’s probably because he’s slowly becoming a sociopath due to his memory swipe and messed-up living situation.

Meanwhile, at the GSC, we learn that the hybrids have raised their body temperature to go undetected and blend in more with humans. Lucy explains to the government that she’s found a new way to detect the hybrids, by identifying the delta waves they emit. Humans only emit these waves when they’re sleeping, so when Lucy sees someone emitting these waves awake she knows they’re a hybrid.

This success brings the government to request that 100 more Humanichs like Lucy be produced—and they want them immediately. Anna, of course, is quick to comply, and Lucy happily shares the news with Ethan. They are both thrilled that their “family” is growing. When Anna gives this order to Julie, she stresses how this can’t be done in a short amount of time, but Anna argues that they can simply put Lucy’s program into the 100 Humanichs. This defeats the whole purpose of John’s project though, as it won’t allow the Humanichs to organically have human experiences and interactions. As one can predict, Anna doesn’t give an alien spore about the ethics of the Humanichs project, and Julie is forced to move forward.

Julie starts to have nightmares about her situation with Molly and Ethan, leading me to believe that she might actually feel bad for sucking so much all the time. Julie even confronts Anna about John’s death, saying that 20 minutes after she called Anna about John and his disapproval for the new Humanichs program, John was found dead. Even more mysterious, Anna had previously said to Julie on the phone that she would, “take care of it.” This accusation obviously pisses Anna off and she refuses to encourage Julie’s conspiracy theory. Julie, your hole keeps getting deeper and deeper.

Later on, Julie finds Ethan playing with electronics in the lab, and she tries to have a meaningful conversation with him since things have been so crazy lately. She even offers to give him his memories back. Ethan declines her offer and quickly moves on, clearly not wanting to continue with Julie’s lame attempt to get closer with him. When Ethan meets up with Lucy later, he tells her that he’s making “spider robots” that will record things while he’s in power-down mode. Ethan’s memory loss combined with Lucy’s ongoing manipulation is starting to push Ethan to trust humans less and less, turning him into a possible threat.

An even odder situation arises when Julie and Ethan leave to go home. In the elevator on the way to the parking lot, it appears that Ethan took over the controls and forced the elevator to the top floor, then purposefully dropped it—stopping it only right before it almost crashed into the ground. When Julie panics and asks if he’s alright, Ethan nonchalantly tells her he’s fine and walks to the car. There is nothing creepier than a sociopathic child that gives off Omen-esque Damien vibes.

JD’s storyline wouldn’t be complete without a dash of family drama each week, and in this episode he misses Kelsey’s ultrasound. His excuse is of course that he was saving the world, but his ex-wife (and judge), Dorothy, won’t believe anything he tells her. She tells him that their daughter never wants to see him again, and she even returns her key. With nothing he can do at the moment, JD continues to try and redeem himself by helping Molly save the world from an alien war.

When Molly arrives at the GSC to get her alien-spore sample, she runs into Toby who tells her that her work on the virus has been successful—they now have the ultimate weapon to kill hybrids. Knowing that she herself is becoming a hybrid, Molly rushes to the lab to grab her sample before it’s too late. It’s also worth noting that Lucy’s scans on Molly were inconclusive, making her a questionable target for Humanichs. It’s only a matter of time before Lucy’s program comes up with a way to detect people like Molly that are slowing evolving into hybrids.

Molly is able to copy the data, but she breaches a security protocol and is forced to use her alien-mojo to escape from the GSC. She calls JD, and they escape to an empty warehouse outside of the city where they steal a car and drive around to think of a plan. Molly believes she can telepathically communicate with Adhu somehow and discovers that the “help me” audio that she heard before at the lab is the ticket to communication. Playing the audio over the radio frequency, JD drives them to the highest altitude possible so they can sit and wait.

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