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Extant recap: Zugzwang

Molly’s dream starts to come to life, and we finally meet Calderon.

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Halle Berry, Brad Beyer, Goran Visnjic
Sci-fi, Drama, Thriller

Extant was a little slow this week, but it was a filler episode to set up a (hopefully) action-packed finale. We learned that Calderon is not what he’s portrayed to be, Charlie is a pretty good schemer, and Fiona has officially gone off the rails. TAALR, surprisingly, had a big role this episode and might be the one pulling all of the strings. Let’s jump right into the details from “Zugzwang.”

Molly confirms Toby’s death from the news while at Julie’s house, and JD assures her that they will still find Calderon. On their way out of Julie’s apartment, Molly makes sure to finally hug and make up with Julie, ending their ongoing feud. When JD, Molly, and Ethan get back to the bunker, they find that Terra is missing—which isn’t too surprising to any of them. I thought for a minute Molly might panic and prioritize searching for Terra, but she realized that the bigger issue is finding Calderon, so she takes out John’s old things and searches for clues.

They come across a chess set, and Ethan discovers someone playing the game with him. They uncover a binary code in the board put in by John that provides what could be coordinates. Following the clue, the three of them head to the possible location in hopes of finding Calderon.

Meanwhile at the GSC, Fiona is fuming mad, screaming at all of the employees to take their efforts against the hybrids to the highest level. Clearly, Fiona deals with guilt through aggression. While she did charge Toby with aiding a known enemy, it’s no doubt that she is upset about his death. She asks TAALR for any leads on the outside source that killed Toby, to which TAALR has no information. Knowing the hybrids are still a threat, TAALR advises that Fiona makes Lucy her head of security.

When Julie rushes to Fiona to tell her about John’s message relaying that a Humanich killing a human, she is surprised to find that Fiona already knows this and is okay with it. Fiona informs Julie that Lucy is the one who killed a human for helping the enemy, and she is now the head of security. Julie knows now that she has no allies left in the GSC, so she takes matters into her own hands.

Rushing to Charlie for help, Julie tells him everything she knows about Calderon and that he may be the one working to control the Humanichs. In an effort to confirm this theory, they conspire to build and place an implant in Lucy that will allow them to track where her orders are coming from. Julie and Charlie act out a fake fight for Lucy, making her think Charlie is upset with Julie. Lucy believes their scheme, and she and Charlie make plans to have a date later that evening in the Humanich’s lab.

NEXT: Lucy and Charlie share croissants—and a kiss (or two).