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Cookie and Mrs. DuBois run into each other in the bathroom after the trial, of course. Cookie calls her a filthy, treacherous bitch (very good insult), but Mrs. DuBois just smiles and taunts her as usual. I know she’s old and I know violence is not the answer, but I wish Cookie had clocked her in the face. Sorry.

Afterward, the DuBois and Anika sit at dinner and discuss (very openly) their continued plans for the Lyons’ destruction. “Warren, my dear, you’re up next,” Mrs. DuBois coos. Angelo scoffs, “He ain’t ready!” Angelo, what is your deal here?! Will we ever find out why Angelo and Warren hate each other so much? Oh, and it turns out the female cousin’s mark is Andre. She just so happens to know his new shrink, who just so happened to increase his meds. Super. Just super. At least we know Detective Pamela doesn’t seem to be in cahoots with the DuBois…yet?

Later, Hakeem turns a crying Bella over to Anika, and explains the answers to all the questions she didn’t know in court that day. Anika seems sad to take her — like Hakeem said, you guys did not need to do this! But they go anyway, and Hakeem crumples at the door.

Back at the Lyon house, Cookie and Lucious bemoan the situation. “We had her and then we lost her!” Cookie says. Lucious says they’ll get her back — but they both agree that’s the last time they’ll sit in a courtroom and let other people decide their fate. “I really hope you’re back, Lucious, because I need you,” she says.

“I want blood,” Lucious says. “I want blood to spill. I want blood to pour like a river.” Uh, wow. Wasn’t it just last week that Lucious was still recoiling from the sound of rap music because it was too violent? I guess this whole cure wasn’t a fluke after all. But I’m a little surprised we went this quickly back to BLOOD RIVERS!

One last, late thing for the Becky fans, which was totally unrelated to anything else this week. While all this court drama was going on, Becky was holding down the fort at Empire, where her old flame J Poppa just re-signed. At first J Poppa doesn’t seem to respect Becky’s new gig as Head of A&R (which he said, before he gave her an ultimatum and they broke up, that she would never get). But after she gives him a talking to, they get back to their old ways. And by this, I mean they hook up in the recording studio. Later, J Poppa thinks they’re getting back together — but for Becky, it was just closure. She loves her job, and she’s not going to let him get in the way of it. He’s just one of her artists now. Go Becky!

So what do you think — am I being too hard on this episode? Was the court drama ridiculous to you? Do you also want all the DuBois to get eliminated in some crazy Cersei Lannister kill-’em-all-at-once plot? Did I watch too much Game of Thrones while Empire was off the air? (Yes.)

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