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Empire recap: Death Will Have His Way

Empire gets a new CEO, and we find out what happened to Rhonda

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In the months since its hiatus, Empire has left us wondering: How will Lucious take losing his spot as CEO? What’s Camilla’s plan? And most importantly, what will happen to Rhonda? Fortunately, this week gave us a few answers — from the most obvious (Lucious is clearly not going down without a fight) to the least (I don’t understand anything about Camilla, honestly).

So let’s get started. We open with Rhonda lying in her foyer, bleeding, as her assailant steps over her and walks out — wearing red-soled Louboutins. She eventually crawls to her broken phone, but when Rhonda realizes it can’t make any calls, she has the brilliant idea to lob it at the front door, cracking the glass and setting off the alarm so someone can finally find her. But while she’s on the ground, she prays that God saves her baby — she doesn’t even care whether she dies or not.

Later, at the hospital, they get the terrible news that she’s lost the baby, which devastates Andre (along with the rest of the family). But Rhonda might be taking it worst of all: She decides that since her prayer wasn’t answered, there must not be a God after all. The funny thing, though, is she swears she doesn’t remember anything about her accident, and keeps insisting that she must have slipped and fallen down those stairs. Does she really not remember, or is she going to try to figure things out on her own? When a smug Anika visits Rhonda in the hospital, promising, “There will be another heir,” it sort of feels like Rhonda’s onto her, but if she is, she doesn’t let on.

When Andre and Rhonda return home, Rhonda is adamant that she doesn’t want to sleep upstairs for a long time, but when Andre goes to fetch her some water, she attempts the ascent alone, but doesn’t make it far before she has a flashback and gives up. Perhaps she’ll keep having flashbacks until something triggers the memory of those red soles? Privately, Andre grieves alone in the nursery, whispering, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” to the baby’s stuffed animals and bassinet. It’s a heartbreaking scene — and even Cookie’s admission that she once had a miscarriage herself and went on to have three healthy boys doesn’t fully cheer him up just yet. At least Andre and Rhonda always have each other.

Meanwhile, Lucious isn’t taking his dethroning well. First, he breaks into his office and sits there while Andre and Thirsty plead with him to leave (news of Rhonda’s accident is what finally gets him moving), then later, he sits in his room loading a gun. “I’m going to take my company back,” he says to Cookie. “I don’t know how our son turned out to be so rotten.”

“Well, maybe the apple don’t fall far from the tree,” she reminds him, before telling him to put the gun away. (Of course, Cookie’s already had her own meeting with Hakeem, in which she beat him with a broom and then her purse — just like old times!) She tells Lucious she has a plan to take Empire back from the inside, but he needs to give her two days to put it into action.

But Camilla has a plan, too, and it involves placing Hakeem at the head of the table as the new CEO — something he’s all about, aside from the fact that Camilla wants him to get rid of Laura… you know, the girl he’s told both Anika and Camilla that he’s in love with (so basically, everyone but Laura).

Jamal tries to convince Hakeem that being CEO brought out the worst in him, and he should be wary of suffering the same fate, but Hakeem loads up with a gallon of liquid courage at the bar and goes to see Mirage a Toi’s rehearsal for their performance on “Tiny Desk Concert.” “Why are you being lazy?” Hakeem spits at Laura. “You’re holding them back.” Laura isn’t going to sit there and take this — though neither are her bandmates, who leave and presumably quit. “I knew your little virgin a– was going to dip anyway,” Hakeem says, and that’s the final straw for Laura. “I was so stupid,” she says on her way out. Now nothing stands between Hakeem and his throne.

Well, there is something: the other board members, who could potentially run for CEO of Empire themselves. But Lucious and Thirsty enlist their band of thugs to “visit” the board members in contention for the position. “Nothing illegal, like murder,” Thirsty instructs. “But everything else is fair game.” In a gutting sequence, Lucious plays a chilling piano ballad while scenes of the board members meeting their fates are interspersed: One unlocks his car only to have the unlock button trigger an explosion, while another finds her lifeless cat hanging from her ceiling. Now nothing stands between Hakeem and his throne.

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