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Elementary finale recap: A Difference In Kind

When the mystery of the organization deepens, Sherlock and Morland must work together to take down Vikner

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Look, there’s no time to waste with a preamble here. Last week’s episode ended with Sherlock and Joan stumbling upon a bomb in their apartment, so we need to get right to this!

The season 4 finale picks up right where last week’s episode left off, with a bomb beeping inside the Brownstone. Joan is panicked, but Sherlock, as always, is cool as a cucumber (or a refrigerated Clyde). He says that the bomb needs to be detonated remotely, and since they snuck into the building and nobody knows they’re there, it’s likely the would-be assassin is sitting in the apartment across the way, still waiting for them to come home.

So Sherlock does what any calm, rational human being would do: He rips the bomb right off the water jugs, thereby disarming it. Sherlock keeps the bold streak going by heading over to the apartment across the street to confront the man who planted the bomb. The trouble is, there’s no one there anymore, though the smell of freshly smoked cigarettes still lingers.

Sherlock posits that whoever planted the bomb isn’t working for Vikner but rather trying to overthrow him by murdering the two people Moriarty has deemed untouchable. That means that Sherlock and Joan are looking for someone inside the organization, and perhaps that person can help them take down Vikner since they share the same enemy.

When Morland’s head of security, Christopher Grey, ends up in the hospital after getting beaten near the Brownstone that night, it raises alarm bells, and Sherlock and Joan pay him a visit. Sherlock determines that there’s no way Grey put the bomb in the apartment, so the next logical conclusion is that he was spying on Sherlock and Joan on behalf of Morland, and when he saw a man breaking into the Brownstone, he confronted him and ended up in the hospital.

After questioning him, Sherlock gets a lead to a renovated church near their house that was likely the site of the confrontation. When Sherlock gets there, though, everything is “taken care of.” He sees his father and two of his henchman standing over a dead body. Sherlock can put the pieces together, so he just takes photos of the man for his own investigation. This is where Morland once again tries to suggest that he’s changed.

He tells Sherlock that this feud has gone too far and that there’s one thing in this world he’s not willing to lose: his son. So he says he’ll give up his fight for revenge and offer any help he can to Sherlock in order to bring down the organization.

Somewhat surprisingly, Sherlock does end up accepting his help when they figure out the body of the would-be bomb assassin belongs to a driver for Iran’s mission to the U.N. Sherlock needs Morland to secure a private meeting with the woman, Zoya, in order to get a sense of where she is in the ranks of the organization.

Their meeting is brief because these organization folks are seriously straight to the point. Zoya first tells Sherlock that she apologizes for trying to kill him but that it seemed like the only way to take down Vikner. Then, when Sherlock asks her to help them take down the organization, she says it’s basically impossible, showing them a U.N. list of all the countries that have some sort of organization activity within them. Spoiler alert: There are a lot.

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