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Elementary recap: The Games Underfoot

When the search for a vintage videogame turns deadly, Sherlock must wade into a world he despises

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Lucy Liu, Jonny Lee Miller, Aidan Quinn

Surprisingly enough, this week’s Elementary doesn’t start with a case but with Alfredo’s return. He’s come to visit Joan, but also to check in on Sherlock. He hasn’t seen him at any meetings all week long, so he’s worried that maybe he’s not doing so well. Joan assures him he’s fine, but it’s still a worrisome pattern that she needs to ask him about.

Then, we get to this week’s case. A man in a hoodie sits inside an apartment listening to a message from a neighbor saying she can smell gas. The man gets up and turns the gas stove and space heater off. As he walks around the couch, the camera reveals a body lying on the floor, some sort of tool driven into his chest. The man in the hoodie begins pouring gasoline over everything and then burns the place to the ground.

The next day at the crime scene, the body is revealed to be that of Eddie Ross, an archaeologist who was stabbed with a digging tool, his body charred beyond recognition. Judging by the way the tool is inserted into his body, Watson and Sherlock believe they’re looking for a left-handed murder.

The question is why did someone want Eddie dead? They interview his ex-girlfriend, another archaeologist, who says that she loaned a bunch of digging equipment to Eddie not that long ago, though she doesn’t know what he was looking for or where he was digging.

Sherlock and Watson discover, from perusing everything he’d pulled up, that he was likely digging in an old landfill looking for some sort of treasure to label “vintage” and then sell. Perhaps, then, Eddie found something that somebody else wanted badly enough to justify killing him.

Sherlock and Watson manage to track down potential landfill sites where Eddie was digging. It turns out that he was digging up people’s backyards under the guise of being an employee of the city. When the detectives find another man digging in the same hole that Eddie was, they bring him in for questioning.

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It turns out that he has some information that they need. He says that Eddie was looking for a videogame called Nottingham Knights, a vintage game that was pulled from the market and buried before anyone could even buy a copy. He says copies of the game can go to the right buyer for $10,000, and while there’s no evidence that Eddie found some of the games, the hole he was digging in certainly suggests he was perhaps close to finding something.

That leads the detectives to analyze the message boards where Eddie was updating his search results. They find a user by the name of IntegerOverflow who, after failing in a past dig, was sharing information and tips with Eddie. Maybe if Eddie found the games, IntegerOverflow would feel entitled to some of the money, giving IntegerOverflow motive to kill Eddie.

When they finally find the man who goes by IntegerOverflow online, after Watson helps Sherlock complete a videogame that gives them a clue as to his identity, they head to his house to question him. He’s amused by their theory, and here’s why: He found the games six years prior and was leading Eddie on a wild goose chase. That puts the detectives back at square one.

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