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Elementary recap: The Invisible Hand

When a bomb goes off at Morland’s office, Sherlock and Joan must balance working alone and with the NYPD to find out who’s responsible

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Last week’s Elementary teased the involvement of Moriarty or her organization in the many, many crimes perpetrated against Morland Holmes. From the assassination of his love Zabine to the hijacking of his oil deal, the organization had done a lot to mess with Morland Holmes, collecting a lot of collateral damage along the way. This week, “The Invisible Hand” opens with a purposeful statement from Sherlock: This is not the work of Moriarty, but it’s clear that someone has taken over her role in the organization.

Sherlock isn’t sure he wants to tell anyone about the organization just yet though, as they have a tendency to kill anyone who’s on to them. So, he thinks it’s best to just keep pursuing the new head of the organization in private. Things change though when a bomb goes off at Morland’s workplace, killing some of Morland’s employees.

Since the bomb went off after Morland left the office, it’s clear the organization is just sending one final message, telling him to stop looking for Kraznov and the man who hired him. At the scene of the crime Sherlock gets one look at everything and then bolts while Marcus and Gregson point out that this was the work of a slick assassin. Unfortunately, there’s no security footage to give them a lead on who it might be.

While everyone thinks Morland is away on business, Sherlock knows better. “Don’t shoot me, I just want to talk to my father,” he says as he knocks on the door of his father’s safe house. He tells Morland all about Moriarty and the organization, and Morland reveals that he thinks Kraznov is responsible for the office bombing. He thinks he’s back to send a message.

The question then becomes, who hired him? There’s a bigger question of why they’re even after Morland in the first place, but hey, one thing at a time. Sherlock decides it’s time to look at the three different companies that have been hit in the last little while and find a connection. While he doesn’t find anyone suspicious on the three boards of directors, he does find a common connection: A professor named Joshua Vikner gave paid speeches to all three energy companies at some point.

When Sherlock does a little digging, he finds a book authored by Vikner, and his author photo shows a painting in the background. Sherlock is convinced the painting is by Moriarty, and thus Vikner must be the one who’s taken over the whole operation.

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The funny thing is, Sherlock and Joan don’t even have to question him very hard. When they show up at the University where he teaches, he basically admits to running the whole thing. “What took you so long?” he says upon their arrival. He tells the detectives that he brought order to the organization after Moriarty’s departure, and he also knows the detectives don’t have anything on him right now so he can openly admit this.

Thus, Sherlock and Joan need to find Kraznov and establish a link between him and Vikner if they’re ever going to get close to bringing down the organization.

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