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Elementary recap: Turn It Upside Down

While investigating the murder of Emil Kurtz and dealing with an insistent Morland Holmes, Sherlock realizes an old foe might be back

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“Turn It Upside Down” does exactly what it promises to do. For a few weeks now, it’s seemed like Morland, Sherlock, and Joan were on a collision course with one another. That feeling was only underscored when Emil turned up murdered at the end of last week’s episode. “Turn It Upside Down” picks up right where that episode left off, but to Elementary‘s credit, it doesn’t go where expected.

Things do go as expected, though, when Joan walks into the diner and sees Emil has been murdered. It isn’t long before she’s asking specific questions of Marcus and Sherlock is getting suspicious of her behavior. Thus, she has no choice but to come clean to him about investigating Morland.

Obviously, Sherlock is pissed, but as Joan points out, she did all this behind his back because he’s not exactly objective when it comes to his father. Either way, Sherlock decides it’s time he has a chat with his father. He informs him of Emil’s murder and asks for all of his files and his computer. Morland refuses, though, saying that until Sherlock has determined that the murder was more than an accident during a robbery, he’s reluctant to hand over sensitive files.

With Morland offering no help, the detectives question a woman who survived the diner shooting, though her sister was killed. She says that the shooter was tall and wore sunglasses and a hoodie. More importantly, she says that as her sister died, she was having an allergic reaction. She remembers her sister having the same reaction when they were teenagers and that it was caused by an allergic reaction to mountain lions. That’s a hilarious and contrived little story, but this is TV, so let’s just go with it!

After searching Emil’s company-purchased apartment and finding a few pieces of surveillance on the property, the detectives question a taxidermist that deals with large mammals. They search his place and find the hoodie in question, complete with blood and gun residue. What’s crazy is that he straight up confesses to the murders, saying he was hired to do it. What’s even more crazy is that he says he committed another murder just a week or so earlier for the same guy!

That murder was of Dr. Naylor, a forensic psychiatrist who often testified in regards to the sanity of defendants. So what does she have to do with this murder? Well, it’s not clear right away. Sherlock does think he’s on to something, though. He discovers that Dr. Naylor was using an online morality test in order to lobby for more standardized sentences. Sherlock thinks that would have made a lot of people angry, especially people who rely on their money and race to avoid harsher sentences.

Meanwhile, Gregson decides it’s time for him to meet the infamous Morland Holmes after he hears out Sherlock’s accusations. After a brief back and forth, with Gregson asking a few questions and Morland basically not answering anything, Gregson gives up. But he doesn’t leave without threatening to do harm to Morland if anything happens to Joan or Sherlock because of him. You go, Gregson!

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