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Elementary recap: All In and Art Imitates Art

Sherlock and Joan deal with two murders, hockey masks, trampolines, and a long-hidden secret

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When I heard that this week’s Elementary was going to be a “two-hour event,” I was wary. What case could possibly justify two straight hours of investigation? Don’t get me wrong, I’m always down for more Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu, but finding a reason to stretch a case across two episodes seemed like a strange idea. Thankfully, “All In” and “Art Imitates Art” aren’t connected by case, but rather by an intriguing bit of character development.

It all starts when a woman is shot in her apartment after discovering her window open and a bag of money sitting on her side table. The woman scrambles down the fire escape and finds her way to Sherlock and Joan’s brownstone. Her name is Lin Wen, and the reason she’s on Sherlock and Joan’s doorstep is because she knew Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft, before he “died.” Now, she needs help.

She fills the detectives in on what’s going down and why she hasn’t gone to the police. Lin is a real estate agent who makes some money on the side by holding illegal, high-stakes poker games in her empty listings. A few days prior, two guys in hockey masks robbed the game, and the lookout she hired, Ian Walker, is nowhere to be found.

She believes that someone was coming after her, trying to frame her for robbing her own game. They were going to plant the money in her apartment so that she could take the fall, but when she came home and discovered the man in the act, she was shot. One of the first suspects is Sophia, who was the dealer during the game. Sherlock actually runs into her when he’s examining Lin’s apartment and discovers a burn mark from a shell casing on her arm.

After examining the burn, he determines that it must have come from a special kind of bullet that’s relatively hard to find. A quick perusal of Lin’s poker night guest list leads him to wonder if a man named Hobberkin attempted to kill Lin, as he runs one of the city’s most high-profile gun expos.

When Sherlock goes to question the man, Hobberkin basically admits that he was the one who shot at Lin, but says that he definitely didn’t rob the game. He was just looking to see if she took the money, and sure enough, she did — at least according to him. Still, the missing lookout, Ian, is the main suspect.

That is, until he’s found dead, suffocated by a chloroform rag, his body dumped in a drainage pipe. With that lead gone, but with murder now included in the case, Sherlock and Joan have no choice but to go to the police against Lin’s wishes. Once the NYPD is brought into the loop, the detectives head to the empty listing — which is now housing a new occupant — to look for clues.

What they find is interesting. After examining a weird light fixture, Gregson and Marcus find a hidden spy cam that would have been used to monitor the game, therefore likely belonging to whomever organized the robbery. That leads them to Matao, a man who works for Semper Apex, an information security company. He admits that he installed the camera, but that it was just to cheat during the game. It’s a believable scenario, so Sherlock and the team just take the old footage and hope to use it to pin down who robbed the game.

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