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Downton Abbey recap: Spinsters Get Up For Breakfast

It’s full steam ahead on Edith’s wedding preparations, while the servants cause their usual mischief in the bowels of the Abbey

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Downton Abbey

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Two big things happened — one good, one bad, on the latest episode of Downton Abbey. And no, neither of them involve Laura Linney’s opening narration.

Bad news first. As the middle Crawley sister, Lady Edith rarely has a moment to shine — unless she’s driving around a tractor or writing letters for wounded soldiers. Between Mary’s drama with men named Kemal, Carlisle or Matthew, Sybil’s rebellious job as a nurse and then her rebellious marriage to the Crawley’s chauffeur, Edith has been left in her sisters’ shadows to make googly-eyes. However, now that she’s marrying Sir Anthony Strallan, “something happening in this house is actually about [Edith].”

Genuinely happy about the upcoming nuptials, Edith prepares to take over as mistress of Sir Anthony’s house and for their trip to Rome, Florence and Venice where, presumably, she will lose her virginity. No wonder she’s ready to get married.

Lord Grantham and the Dowager Countess continue to disapprove of Edith’s choice of husband. (Funny, they didn’t seem to mind him when they tried to entice him with Mary back in 1913, or when he almost proposed to Edith then as well. I know he’s injured from the war, but still.) Yet, the two are resigned to having an old man as a son-in-law/grandson-in-law.

Unfortunately,  Sir Anthony comes to the realization that he doesn’t want to indenture Edith for the remainder of his life. So the natural thing to do is pull a Mr. Big and leave Edith at the altar. Poor Edith doesn’t know what to do with herself, so the Dowager practically pries her away from Sir Anthony as he flees the church.

Back at Downton, Edith refuses any comfort from her sisters, because their presence reminds her that they are married and she is not. When Anna comes to wake her up the next morning, and offers to bring her breakfast in bed, Edith replies with the greatest Edith-line of the series: “Spinsters get up for breakfast.” Hopefully, there’s another, younger man in her future.

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