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Dexter recap: Final season episode 11

A major character takes a hit as ‘Dexter’ unveils its penultimate episode

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This is very nearly IT. The penultimate Dexter. And yes, stuff happened. One death. One potentially fatal wound. Two big therapeutic breakthroughs for Dex. It was a major episode, though it lacked tension for its first half and there were a few big plot holes for nitpickers to jeer at.

We start with Dexter at Vogel’s place, washing up after Saxon killed her last week and trashing evidence of his dad’s sessions with her. “I never imagined the last homicide I’d work would be one that I’m a part of,” he says, which is odd because he’s been secretly involved in so many of the cases he’s worked. Then he adds: “I have to call this in. I can’t be seen leaving the scene of the crime.” What. What? What?! Nobody ever spots Dex leaving any crime scene! The man kidnaps people in broad daylight, and he’s now worried about leaving a house in the middle of the night?

So we get a scene with Batista and Quinn interviewing Dex about finding the body while he’s in his slasher outfit. Batista rejects the notion of Dex working the case: “The defense attorney would have a field day with a forensic tech who found and knew the victim working it.” Which is what everybody was pointing out when Dex worked Cassie’s murder a few episodes back, but okay.

Later, Dex goes home and he reiterates his bullet-proof plan of telling everybody close to him that he’s going to kill Saxon and take Hannah to Argentina. Part of this plan, it seems, involves selling his condo and his boat within 24 hours (we learn the Slice of Life has a fish finder, which is something Dex probably didn’t need because he was constantly dumping bodies overboard — the fish find him). Also, Astor is going to inherit his SUV, so let’s hope Dex doesn’t get busted, or she’s never going to feel comfortable driving a vehicle that’s had dozens of kidnap victims in its trunk. Cody gets squat.

We also get a beat with Harrison, home from the hospital. “You put monkey in a box!” he says. “Daddy, I combed my hair!” Oh Harrison, how hard did you hit your head on that treadmill last week?

NEXT: Dex’s farewell party; ever used ‘monkey’ as a password?

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