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Desperate Housewives recap: A Time to Kill

Paul figures out he was being poisoned, while a killer descends onto Wisteria Lane. Who’ll bite the bullet next week?

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Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives

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Gaby’s story line seemed sort of pointless for the first half of last night’s episode of Desperate Housewives. She and Juanita were watching a horror movie together, and Carlos thought it was a bad idea because of its potential to freak the child out. Gaby offered her usual biting response: “The kid’s used to violence,” she told Carlos, before continuing to watch the flick. “You’ve seen me make her eat carrots.” Really, I kept thinking: This is what they’re gonna do with the Solis clan on this week?

But, as the hour — which was titled “Then I Really Got Scared” — ticked on, things began to crystallize, and I realized why Gaby’s story line was indeed important: It allowed us to meet the serial killer who will apparently terrorize Wisteria Lane in the two-hour season finale next week. After Juanita complained of seeing movie killer outside the house night, a flummoxed Gaby decided that she’d quell her daughter’s fears by camping out to show her that nothing was out there. Lee popped by to scare them, but then the real killer — played with what seems to be an Indiana Jones look by actor Kristopher Logan — showed up, and Gaby successfully shooed him off, thinking it was just Lee again. Then, near to the end of the hour, came the requisite shot where we saw this creepy guy surveying Wisteria Lane. Maybe he was thinking: Who should I kill first?

Whatever the killer was contemplating, one thing seems clear: This guy is completely random…at least at this point…to me? We saw a shot of the dude’s face, and I couldn’t place him in the Desperate Housewives world. I kept thinking: Am I supposed to know who this is? There’s no doubt that, after next week’s sure-to-be-thrilling two-hour episode, all things will be illuminated about who this scary man is. Is he from someone’s past? Is he someone’s long-long someone-someone, back for revenge? Which someone has he arrived on Wisteria Lane to settle a score with? Or: Is he indeed a complete random?

Based purely on the tease for next week, it seems like Gaby will definitely be on the receiving end of some of his terror. But, that tease is just that: a tease. Ain’t no way Gaby is going to bite it, of course. If I were a betting man — and I am when it comes to Desperate Housewives — I have a feeling that this killer’s presence has something to do with setting up the mystery for next season. Or, there’s always the chance that he could factor into closing out the major arc of this season concerning Paul Young and Felicia Tillman. Maybe one — or both — of them will take a bullet?

NEXT: “Why don’t you stab me with this? It’ll be faster. Or are you getting your kicks out of watching me die slowly?”