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Desperate Housewives recap: Unsealed Lips

Julie tells Lynette her secret, Bree lets Angie in on one, and Susan’s oversharing landed her in the clink

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Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives

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It has been a slow start with the Bolen family — I’ve complained about it here in my Desperate Housewives TV Watch nearly every week — but this week, the matriarch of new-to-Wisteria Lane family, Angie, came out swinging. Literally! And I loved it. In what was nearly the final scene of last night’s episode, we gloriously saw Angie punch her husband Nick square in the nose after having a rather frank discussion about the affair he had been carrying on with Julie Mayer. ”Are we okay?” asked Nick, after the revelation. Then punch! Shocking! And awesome! ”Now we’re okay,” she told him, post-punch. Go Angie! You’re my new favorite bitch on Wisteria Lane.

Beyond the punch, though, I felt like this was the coming-out episode for the Bolen clan, and especially Angie, in so many ways. Not that we learned that much new about them — and Lord knows they’ve still got some bubbling secrets that are screaming to be revealed — but it seemed like they were finally integrated into the happenings on Wisteria Lane. Angie and her husband Nick interacted with two — yes, two! — different housewives over the hour.

The first was Bree. The Bolens invited Bree and Orson over for a dinner party, where Angie cooked what seemed like half-a-dozen courses of Italian specialties from her family’s cookbook, everything from lasagna to gnocchi. (I didn’t even know what the rest of the stuff was, but it sounded delicious!) ”Well, my grandma-ma Bombelli always said if the men can still button their pants,” Angie told Bree and Orson, after bringing out yet another course, ”dinner ain’t over yet.” But at the dinner, the volatile Angie and Nick quickly got into a fight, after it was revealed that Angie was being such a sweet, accommodating hostess because she wanted Bree to hire her. The always tactful, and happy-to-avoid-conflict Bree politely said no and wanted to get out of the line of fire between Angie and Nick. ”Orson, I never thought I would say this to you again,” she told her husband, while the fighting couple was off in the kitchen, trying to expedite their exit from the Bolen house, ”but please unbutton your pants!” I got a great kick out of that line from Bree, of course.

The dinner party, though, just served as a way to set up the connection between Bree and Angie. Turns out that Bree did end up eventually hiring Angie, mostly because she just wanted Angie’s coveted family recipes. But, now, it seems she’s got a new friend in Angie, too, as the pair were sharing secrets quickly after Angie’s hiring. ”Orson and I barely speak to each other,” Bree confided to Angie. ”We haven’t shared a bed in three months.” It served Bree well to show some cracks to Angie. ”Trust me, honey,” Angie said, after Bree said that Angie lets it all hang out. ”If there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s keeping things to myself.”

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