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Desperate Housewives recap: All Will Be Revealed

Gaby shares a secret with her niece, Lynette keeps her secret from Carlos, and Julie’s secret is revealed … at least to us

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Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives

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s there ever a week where Desperate Housewives isn’t about the folks of Wisteria Lane keeping secrets? That — shocker! — was the big theme this week. I honestly can’t remember one hour of the show that has been totally secret-free, and last night’s episode surely wasn’t. Instead, it brimmed with all the Lane’s residents strategically keeping their lids on their various indiscretions. Danny kept his dad’s secret about Julie; Angie and Danny kept the secret about ”the explosion” from us viewers; Lynette continued to keep her baby secret from her boss Carlos; Ana kept a secret about seeing Gaby and John kiss from Carlos; Bree continued to keep her affair a secret from everyone; and Julie kept the identity of her married lover (as well as a few other things) secret from her mother. Got all that? Head spinning yet? Keeping all the secrets straight?

But some beans did get spilled to us viewers, of course. The biggest? The identity of Julie Mayer’s married lover — none other than Nick Bolen! I honestly didn’t see that one coming, but after it was revealed, it sorta made perfect sense. The reason that Julie couldn’t take up dating Danny — despite his best efforts — was because she was already messing around with his father, Nick. (And now Danny knows!) Or, rather, Dominick, as he seems to go by with her.

And actually, Nick referring to himself as Dominick threw me at first. When Nick referred to himself as Dominick at Julie’s beside, I kept wondering who Dominick was (a secret identity? a pet name?) before I realized that Nick was just short for Dominick. Duh. But there’s gotta be some significance as to why he’d refer to himself as Dominick, though, right? But, honestly, I can’t figure it out right now. Maybe it was to help cover up things relating to their affair somehow? Maybe that’s what the whole ”D” thing in her journal was about, too?

But even though we viewers now know who Julie’s lover was, Susan still doesn’t. And, before Andrew visited Julie in the hospital and accidentally spilled the beans, Susan also didn’t know that Julie had quit medical school and was waiting tables instead. Whoops on Andrew’s part!

Susan was none too pleased about all the news, but the affair set her off most. ”What were you thinking — dating a married man?” Susan fumed at Julie, after she woke up from the coma. Julie’s retort: ”Guess what, I’m not perfect anymore. That perfect daughter you remember, who was always there when you needed her, who held everything together when you were falling apart, she’s grown up, and she’s going to make mistakes.” And finally, Susan’s rebuttal, which was especially stinging: ”I never expected you to be perfect, but I didn’t raise you to do something this stupid. You know what an affair like this can do. You saw it first hand.” Susan, I assume, is referring to the affair Karl had that broke up her first marriage.

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