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Desperate Housewives recap: Anger Management

One of the best episodes in recent memory proves that Wisteria Lane runs on rage

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Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives

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Does rage make for good television? I think so, as evidenced by last night’s episode of Desperate Housewives, which was positively overflowing with lots of really, really mad people — and, incidentally, was a pretty darn good hour. Eddie, that murderous strangler who’s living with the Scavo clan, bubbled over and took down Preston after his friend sassed Lynette and barely held himself back from tearing into her hubby Tom when he did the same. After Bree confronted him about his lies, Sam threw a vase of flowers across the room. And, of course, there was the episode-opening scene, which found the mysterious Patrick Logan, pumping with hatred, running over (but not killing!) an unsuspecting Nick Bolen, as he jogged through the evening.

Based on all this — and the fact that the episode was one of the series’ best in a long time, alongside last week’s hour — I’d say that the Desperate Housewives producers should follow this important rule from now on: Pile on the rage! As you readers probably all know, I’ve been rather down on this season of Desperate Housewives, which has seemed to drag on with the lingering Bolen drama and lots of seemingly pointless, random gags. But seriously, something has gotten into the water on Wisteria Lane because — and I honestly thought I’d never be saying this — I’m actually excited about what’s coming down the pipeline for the show. Bring on the season finale in two weeks!

The Bolen drama was at the forefront of the episode, and yet, from the way Mary Alice voiced-over, it seemed like Patrick Logan running over Nick is only the beginning: ”His plan for getting revenge,” Mary Alice said, ”was just getting started.” And we saw that when Angie walked into her candlelit house at the end of the hour to find Patrick sitting there. ”Are you going to kill me?” Angie asked calming, seemingly expecting him to slit her throat immediately. No, silly! That’s no good for television — he didn’t kill Nick immediately either! Early in the episode, Patrick had nodded to the fact that his plan for the Bolens would be much more protracted than just a couple simple murders. ”Endings are a bitch,” he told Danny about the novel he’s supposedly writing, although he was no doubt referring to what he was going to do to the Bolen clan. ”I really need to surprise my audience.”

And it will undoubtedly be a surprise. What does Patrick Logan have planned for Angie and Nick? And will he be able to find Danny, who’s apparently hiding away in the secret family (or somesuch) compound near Carbondale? As to both questions, I have no idea — but it’s clear he’s going to use Angie to carry out his sure-to-be dark deeds. ”Just do what I tell you, baby,” Patrick said to Angie before they turned in for the evening at the end of the episode, ”and I’ll let you both live.” So, it looks like this pair does have a chance to live. But maybe not someone else — specifically, Danny.

What I mean is that Patrick made reference to ”both” there — he’s only speaking about Angie and Nick remaining alive. And you must remember that Danny is the one who suggested that the end to Patrick’s ”novel” should be the wronged man taking something away from the people who wronged him. So maybe Patrick’s plan is to force Angie to reveal where Danny is — and then kill his own son? That sound insanely sick, but I wouldn’t put it past him. Right? He seems like a madman. Or maybe he’ll just kidnap him? I could see the budding relationship Patrick built with Danny at the Fairview coffee shop (which everyone in town seems to have worked at at some point) colliding with his plans to kill his son.

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