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Desperate Housewives recap: Only the Lonely

As Susan stays by Julie’s bedside, Carl turns to Bree for comfort, and Katherine puts the moves on Mike

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Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives

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After last week’s episode-ending strangulation of Julie Mayer, it wasn’t but minutes into this week’s hour that we viewers witnessed a scene that’s all-too-familiar on Wisteria Lane lately: All the residents — young and old, male and female, gay and straight — were in the street, the yards, on the sidewalk, shaking their heads at yet another tragedy. We most recently saw such a scene when Edie bit the dust in that horrible car crash/electrocution accident last season. (Is Wisteria Lane possibly the most unsafe suburban street to live on in fictional America?) Thankfully, for the moment at least, it seems that no one has met his or her maker (yet!), but it was surely a close one for Julie. And she’s not out of the woods, medically, quite yet.

However, there was one family that was suspiciously absent from the street — that’d be the newly arrived Bolen clan. Right now — after seeing suspicion from Karen McCluskey, Wistera Lane’s own Men’s Murder Club (Tom, Carlos, and Orson, crimefighters!), and the family’s own sketchy actions — we’re led to believe that they’ve got something to hide when it comes to Julie.

But I’m sort of stumped with what they’re hiding and nearly believe that they’re not sure themselves. See, son Danny was out and about the night Julie was strangled, but he never admitted to actually doing anything to her. At least, he didn’t admit it to his parents in any scene that we viewers saw. Yet, still, his parents were all about creating an alibi for him. Which — c’mon folks! — we all know is the worst idea. If you’re innocent, just be honest about what you were really doing. So Danny was out and about drinking? Telling the police that truth, as murky as it may be, is a lot better than making up a lie that’ll just be exposed later.

Also, it’s ridiculous to believe that Danny really can’t remember where he was the night before drinking. I mean, it’s — what? —10 a.m., and if he was drinking so much that he couldn’t even remember where he was, then he’d probably still be on the floor. Or in bed. Or at least nursing a hangover! Or maybe that’s part of the Bolen family secret — Danny has rage blackouts when he drinks too much! He can’t remember things! The family hides his misdeeds! But he never gets a hangover! Sheesh, I really hope that’s not the secret they’re harboring.

I guess at this point, when it comes to the Bolens, I need more info. But, as per usual Desperate Housewives slow-and-steady style, I have a feeling that critical details about what’s what in regard to this family will only drip out over the course of several episodes. But I’m seriously wondering: Why do Angie and Nick Bolen immediately set about creating an alibi for their son before they even know what he has — or hasn’t —done? Is strangling young women something he tends to do often? Why did they move to Wisteria Lane? Had Danny pulled something like this before and they’re feeling? What do Nick and Angie do for a living? And, again, what’s with Angie’s creepy back scars/burns?

Also, this is random: But did anyone know what Angie was talking about in regard to what sympathy dish she was going to make for Susan and Mike? As she and her family were inside their house (while everyone else was still outside in the street), Angie said: ”Maybe that is because we’re hiding in our house like guilty people. Now, I am going to go make Susan and Mike a montigut [sp?] and then we are going to get out there and start hugging people.” I sort of became obsessed with what a montigut — if that’s even what she really said! — is. Does anyone know? I just thought that the type of dish (it sounds sort of ethnic, no?) might be a clue as to the family’s history or something. Or maybe I’m just reading into something where there’s nothing. Anyway, TV Watchers, let me know if you know what kind of dish Angie said she was going to make for Mike and Susan. I’m interested!

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