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Desperate Housewives recap: Why Can't We All Get Along?

It’s all about new members of the family as Lynette continues to chafe at the presence of Preston’s fiancée, and Bree welcomes Rex’s son

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Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives

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Finally, the mystery on Desperate Housewives is getting somewhat interesting. And no, I’m not talking about the long-gestating Bolen situation — which, to be fair, did heat up a bit during last night’s episode — but rather, as I sat and watched, I found myself more intrigued by the mysterious happenings over at the Hodge household: Who really is this Sam character? What’s he hiding — and why? What did Mary Alice mean when she was talking about family and photos and how ”like certain members of the family, they are not to be trusted”?

I suppose her ominous, veiled voice-over about Sam was a warning that he’s up to no good. Oh, and I suppose that since Andrew is digging into Sam’s past we should take the cue that there must be something sinister waiting to be dug up. But what? Something in me finds it fascinating that Sam would pose as the illegitimate son of Bree’s dead husband, Rex. I mean, what does Sam hope to gain out of that? A family? A slice of Bree’s business? A nasty brother and sister in Andrew and Danielle, who reappeared briefly in last night’s episode? Whatever it is, one thing is clear: Sam is indeed up to no good. He’s sinister. Creepy. And seems like he might be a little white trash. (At least, formerly.) And I love that kind of thing all rolled into one.

Also starring in the sinister department on last night’s episode: John Barrowman! Well, rather, John Barrowman as Patrick Logan, the NYC creep that Angie and Nick Bolen are running from. He finally showed up after months and months of waiting! The neighbor who saw Angie at her mother’s NYC apartment last week spilled the beans about where Angie is hiding out, and as if you needed any further indication that Logan, indeed, is a bad guy, he killed said neighbor right after he squeezed the information out of her. (Well, we viewers didn’t witness it, but that’s what we were led to believe.) And just as the credits for the episode were about to roll, we saw Patrick sitting in a car on Wistera Lane. ”For some,” Mary Alice said, ”it’s not enough to win — someone else has got to lose.” Nick going to be the one who loses, maybe?

Patrick did say that Angie ”took something of mine” and that he wants it back. I’m just assuming that we’re talking about Danny (a.k.a. Tyler), who Nick has raised as his own? Or was all the drama about whether Nick was going to tell Danny that he’s not actually his father (because, as we learned last week, Patrick is!) just a ploy to throw us off the mystery’s course? Honestly, I have no idea! But I do know one thing, and that’s that the producers of Desperate were inspired with their choice of casting Barrowman as Patrick Logan. He’s just unsettling enough for the job, as far as I can tell. And cute, to boot! It’s no stretch to believe that he’s the biological father of continual hottie Danny.

As for another random tangent on the Danny front, what is with this kid/young adult? He is or was in college, supposedly, but just got his first job. He doesn’t have a car. He’s fixing up his bike to ride around town. He drank a beer (or was it root beer?) with his dad. He dated a girl in high school. Which all makes me wonder: How old is he exactly? It seems like he’d be about 18 years old, but some of those aforementioned clues point to him being older. Why are producers keeping it so vague? Why do I even care about this?

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