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Desperate Housewives recap: All In Together Now

Love and lust are still the main focus in an episode that revolves around side players and gay story lines

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Desperate Housewives
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Desperate Housewives

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Two sub groups of characters starred in last night’s middling episode of Desperate Housewives: the gays and the B-list cast. Did you notice? Both dominated the story lines, between gay couple Bob and Lee factoring centrally into Gaby’s tale of learning to appreciate her children and Bree discovering that her gay son Andrew was having an affair, all the way down to Mrs. McCluskey’s engagement to Roy and Katherine and Robin’s newfound romance. Whew! Score two for the gays and the little guys on DH! (Oh, and score one for that random soap opera that everyone was watching during the show’s first segment? What was up with that?!?)

Gaby was all up in Bob and Lee’s business because she was staying with them while Celia suffered from chicken pox at home. Before she left the Solis mansion, though, we saw Gaby slaving away: folding laundry, straining her arm by pouring cereal, and ranting about making cupcakes! Lord, she was busy busy. And then when she showed up at Bob and Lee’s House of Gay Fun, it was nothing but a party all the time: cosmos, convertibles, and boys who were off to get pec implants! (Not to drive home any stereotypes about gay dudes, of course…) ”I haven’t taken a nap,” Gaby told the couple, basking in the glow of being without children, ”since Juanita crowned!” Um, gross. Don’t tell me anything about crowning. Ever.

Ultimately, as you could see from a mile away, the whole situation was just a set-up to make Gaby appreciate her own children. Especially after she stumbled upon Bob and Lee’s nursery, which was sans baby since they’ve been having trouble with adopting. Now, do we think that the Desperate producers are actually going to further the Bob and Lee adoption story line? I sort of want to see if anything else would happen there, but only really if it’s sordid. Like, literally, that Bob and Lee try to steal a baby or something. Right? Normal, by-the-book things are just boring on this show. Especially lately. Also, Bob was particularly adorable last night, right? Not that that’s a revelation, but I was just looking at him during the episode, when he was being all gooey and heartfelt with Gaby, and I just melted a bit. Alright, a whole bunch.

Bree’s story line, like Gaby’s, crossed the gay thing with the secondary character thing. Obviously, we’re talking about her son, Andrew, who showed back up this week and, it turns out, was not performing that well at work. So Bree hired a new guy, Sam, who was obsessed with her and, clearly, has something up his sleeve. Like, it looks like he might want to take Andrew out or something. He exposed Andrew’s affair with Bree’s employee, Tad. And seemed like he was saving Bree lots of money and time working. And he even drank out of Andrew’s ”World’s Best Son” coffee mug. Oh, the horrors! Not much happening here yet, but things are just starting to develop. I think it goes without saying that we’ve got a nut-job on our hands. Also: Just to add to the whole gay-happy episode, Andrew looked cuter than ever, too, with just a tad bit of scruff. Just sayin’. And this whole story line involved no Orson-in-wheelchair component: Which, yay!!

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