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Desperate Housewives recap: Therapeutic Effect

Katherine finds forgiveness from an unlikely source, while Bree and Orson clean up their act and Tom and Lynette turn to a shrink for help

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Desperate Housewives

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Katherine Mayfair finally returned to television in last night’s episode of Desperate Housewives. And thank goodness she was there because otherwise there was nothing of much importance going on during the hour. Lynette and Tom were still sorting out their marital issues and started seeing a therapist; Bree and Orson, too, continued their epic battle with a come-to-Jesus hose-down that hinted at some sort of reconciliation; and Gaby and Susan obsessed over whether their kids were doing well enough in school.

But it was Katherine’s appearance that was the most riveting (and I’m being generous by using the word riveting). We first saw Katherine talking to a psychiatrist, as she’s apparently been living in some sort of a loony bin since stabbing herself before the plane crash that rocked Wisteria Lane. And, what was touching was that Katherine was finally seeing clearly again, and she realized the nasty things she’d done all fall — nearly destroyed Bree’s business, tried to steal Mike back from Susan, and sent Mike to jail. ”I certainly have a firmer grasp on reality now,” she told her shrink. ”I can see things for the first time in a long while, very clearly.” Good, he told her, this is positive. But not so, in her opinion. ”No, not really,” she relayed, ”because now I can see what I’ve done to my life and how I’ve ruined it.”

Mrs. McCluskey, however, wasn’t going to let it all just go down like that and showed up to visit Katherine and tell her that her old friends on Wisteria Lane — no matter how much she’d screwed them over with her crazy antics of the fall — would be willing to give her a second chance. ”Take it from the reigning odd duck on the lane,” Mrs. McCluskey assured her, ”nobody cares about that silly stuff.” And, the really neat thing is that all the ladies lived up to Mrs. McCluskey’s words, as they showed up at the hospital to forgive her. Even Susan! After Mrs. McCluskey showed up a second time and the camera panned to Bree, Gaby, and Lynette, I wasn’t surprised to not see Susan with them. But was more than happy to see her behind the other ladies, ready to make amends. I mean, this crazy stuff between them has got to go. And hopefully, now it will. Let’s give Katherine a new man when she returns home! That’s what I’m hoping for.

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