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Desperate Housewives recap: The Price of Success

Dave draws Mike further into his web, while Bree starts to find it a little lonely at the top of her burgeoning empire

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Hi there, Desperate Housewives TV Watchers! I’ve been thinking more and more about what Dave Williams could possibly be up to on Wisteria Lane, and since his actions in last night’s episode prove that he’ll remain on the front burner, I’ll hash out my theories in just a second.

First, we saw the lane’s resident creepster hanging out with Tom, as the pair auditioned other sad-sack guys for their pathetic garage band. Tom was all about the bespeckled Donald because his version of “Voodoo Child” was like “Hendrix had risen.” (On a side note, I have to say that I’m rather enjoying Tom’s enthusiasm lately. Isn’t he the most excitable middle-aged guy you’ve ever seen? It’s infectious. Why don’t we all run out and buy a sports car and then start a band? Oh yeah, it comes with that whole giving-up-on-life feeling. Pass.) But, natch, Dave Williams wasn’t into Donald; he’d already set his sights on someone else for the band — Mike Delfino.

Who knows why Dave wants to get this band going, but maybe he wants to get closer to the guys of Wisteria Lane? You know what they say: Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. (I don’t know another street where it’s harder to tell when your friends turn into your foe, so close proximity is a must.) Maybe one of the band members is his enemy. His targeting of Mike — even going so far as to rent the guy a cheap house on the street under the guise of helping Mike live closer to M.J. — would certainly reinforce the theory that’s been going around that Dave wants revenge on Mike (and by association, Susan) possibly for killing his wife and child in that car accident that opened the season. Granted, we have no idea if that mother and child were Dave’s family, but it does seem like a good guess.

If you don’t like spoilers at all, please skip this paragraph. (SPOILER ALERT) I was thinking about a Mike-Susan revenge theory more, especially after I saw photos from the Desperate Housewives set last week that showed Wisteria Lane residents being ushered out of a club after it caught on fire. What happened? Does anyone die? Who knows! The ladies and their husbands were at the club to see Tom’s band perform. Maybe Dave started the fire in an attempt to kill someone or multiple people? Possibly his future band mate, Mike Delfino? Well, I guess at this point, we’ll have to wait to find out as the story unfolds.

The other idea that’s been mentioned (and that my colleague Lindsay Soll espouses) is that Dave is related to the crazy pharmacist, George, to whom Bree was engaged in season 2. They do share the same last name. Yes, Williams is a very common name (and why would Dave risk letting something so simple link him to George and unravel his scheme?), but maybe, just maybe, Edie’s new man is out to take down Bree because she kind of caused George to overdose three seasons ago. There are some roadblocks to this theory, including the fact that Dave hasn’t really had much contact with Bree or her family since he moved onto the lane, but maybe that’s all just a part of the plan: He gets everyone else on his side and that somehow helps him take down Bree. It’s a long shot, but it’s possible.

Okay, so that’s enough Dave Williams talk for this post. Before I go any further, I should at least mention the biggest Desperate news of the week: Gale Harold’s accident. While early reports of his motorcycle accident made things sound so grim, it now seems like he’s going to recover just fine and that production on the show won’t really be affected. It’s still pretty awful…and a little weird, considering that it happened right before the airing of an episode that found his character, Jackson, taking off the training wheels for young M.J., who would later get hurt after falling off his bike. That fall had everything to do with Susan and nothing to do with Jackson, but still, what a coincidence.

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