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Desperate Housewives recap: The Naked Truth

Lynette has an interesting experience with Carlos, Susan drops a game-changer on Dave, and Bree makes a sad decision about troubled Orson

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Desperate Housewives

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After a dear one passes, it can be hard for those left behind to transition back into the rhythms of normal, day-to-day life. The next steps are usually timid and nearly always shaky. That was certainly the case with Desperate Housewives‘ first post-Edie episode last night, which seemed to be gasping to put together disparate story lines in the wake of losing one of its most vivacious main characters.

Sure, there was the continued mourning. The ladies of the lane expressed their concern for new widower Dave Williams. (Not so much because they like him but because they supposedly liked Edie.) In true Housewives fashion, they stopped by to offer their help and drop off casseroles and then gossip about it on his lawn, but the guy, naturally, was drowning his misery in booze and wanted to be left alone. Still, they kept on with it: ”We need to be persistent — we’re good at that!” said Susan comically. Lo and behold, it wasn’t until Mike Delfino visited that we finally glimpsed Dave, who looked pretty torn up, unshaven, and in his pajamas. But Dave wasn’t having the niceties with Mike, of course. Based on Dave’s feelings about Mike — and how he’d planned to ruin Mike’s life not too long ago — I thought there was the slim chance that the whole thing could have ended there. Dave knifing Mike in a post-trauma rage? He’d probably at least get an easier jail sentence.

Since Mike didn’t have any luck comforting Dave, Susan offered to stop by because, you know, Susan is soooo good and soooo not awkward in situations like this. When she was talking to Mike, however, the klutz dropped what seemed like a huge piece of foreshadowing for us viewers. When briefly discussing her own car wreck in the past few years (the one that killed Dave’s first wife and child), Mike ominously reminded her: ”We did what we had to do.” Ohhhh, now things are getting better! Well, at least, I thought they were.

Unfortunately, after a wacky encounter with Dave that saw Susan stealing everything in his house that he could possibly kill himself with (ties, belts, pills, a gun, and knives, for instance), all was revealed about what she meant. And — I’m totally not shocked about this — but the big reveal about ”what they had to do” was, honestly, none too exciting. It turned out that it wasn’t Mike who was driving the car that killed Dave’s family. It was Susan! Bombshell alert!! This is a major game-changer for Desperate‘s mystery!!! Not.

Okay, so I suppose it changes things somewhat. Sure, now the target isn’t exactly Mike. Dave will turn his attention to Susan instead — or, as I predicted early in the season, go after the indomitably cute little M.J., just to ruin Susan’s happiness. But is that really as sordid as ”what we had to do” could have gotten? I thought maybe they were lying about having their brakes checked and that’s what caused the wreck in the first place. Or that they lied about how the wreck actually happened and it was in fact Mike and Susan’s fault. Maybe next week, as this excruciating story line continues to be revealed in tiny bits — it’ll be revealed that Susan was, in fact, drinking and driving or somesuch? That’d be rafter-shaking. Otherwise, why is the switch something Mike and Susan needed to keep secret? People drive without their license all the time. Modern cops have these wondrous things in their cars known as computers that can look up whether you have a valid license. Seriously!

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