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Desperate Housewives recap: A Fond Farewell

The ladies of Wisteria Lane give Edie a touching sendoff

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Desperate Housewives

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“One of a kind.”

These are the words that Edie Britt’s friends on Wisteria Lane — Gaby, Bree, Lynette, Karen, and Susan, in that order — used to describe her just before they spread her ashes around different parts of the neighborhood. That’s right, folks: Ding dong, Edie Britt is dead! And not at the hand of a flying house from Kansas, but rather, a downed power line.

After watching this episode, I shudder that I thought to use the ”ding dong” phrase in the context of Edie’s death. But I employed it above for a reason: Originally, I thought that was the sentiment — good riddance to the witch of Wisteria Lane! — I would have about Edie passing. But tonight, as I watched this veritable hour-long eulogy (which very much resembled Desperate‘s 100th episode goodbye to handyman Eli Scruggs, in format and style) for one of TV’s most memorable characters, I found myself overcome with grief for her departure.

And that’s mostly because of the poignant flashback stories — and having Edie serve in the Mary Alice role as the episode’s resident narrator — that so vividly brought Edie back to life. (On that voice-over note, I’d like to suggest that Edie take that role over permanently. It’d be a nice way to keep her around somewhat. I’m just sayin’.) ”With all my neighbors surrounding me, I took my last breath,” Edie said to start the episode. ”The good news? I died just like I lived — as the complete and utter center of attention.” She couldn’t have been more right. This episode was all hers.

While on a road trip to break the news to Edie’s son Travers, the Lane’s ladies — oddly, sans Katherine — passed the real estate agent’s ashes-filled urn around and told stories. When the urn was passed to a particular lady, that meant it was her turn to tell an uplifting anecdote about Edie that contained a surprise, moralistic tidbit about how the real estate agent was not, in fact, the heinous beast she’d been made out to be for the past five seasons.

Susan recounted the story of how she originally met Edie. Whaddayaknow? They were originally friends, despite the fact that they sniped at each other for must of the run of the show. In fact, they’d broken off their friendship early on because Susan didn’t approve of Edie’s sexual relationship with a married man, but it was Edie who first warned Susan that her husband Karl was cheating. Surprising, Moralistic Edie Tidbit No. 1: Despite trysting with married men herself, Edie did look out for friends/neighbors who were being wronged.

Lynette told a tale about how her trips to chemo were always memorable when Edie was on duty. One time, before an appointment, Edie dragged Lynette — despite her protests — to a bar before forcing her to do tequila shooters and play pool with a one-armed man. ”You need to start fighting this thing,” Edie intoned with verve. ”You’re even stronger than me — and that’s saying something.” Surprising, Moralistic Edie Tidbit No. 2: Despite all reports otherwise, Edie did have a heart.

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