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Desperate Housewives recap: Knowing is Half the Battle

As Lynette used her personal connection to navigate office politics, Edie played her hand with Dave after getting a final piece of information

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Nicollette Sheridan
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Desperate Housewives

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Since we all knew it was coming, Edie’s (presumed) death truly wasn’t that shocking. But — surprise, surprise! — the writers of Desperate Housewives managed to still make it somewhat of a shocker. That’s, of course, because it came via a sparking, downed power line, which sent an inhuman amount of voltage through her poor brokenhearted body.

To be honest, I thought Wisteria Lane’s slutty realtor was a goner twice in the five minutes before she met her (again, presumed, at this point) fate with the power line: First, she escaped the determined clutches of hubby Dave, who went into a rage after she confronted him with the truth about why he married her and wanted to move to Wisteria Lane. And second, she crashed her car into a pole after veering off the street to avoid hitting Orson, who’d just been hit with a bat by a batty old lady he’d been stealing from. And the car accident was just before she met her (presumably) final demise with the voltage.

I say ”presumed” in this context because her death is not yet totally official. There’s a three-point argument against her actually dying:

A) Desperate Housewives has tricked us into thinking Edie was dead before. Remember when she ”committed suicide” at the end of season 3? (In the end it turned out she faked it as a ploy for Carlos’ attention.) Yeah, not falling for that one again.

B) Did you notice Edie’s hand twitch there in the last shot of the episode? Of course, it’s common knowledge that bodies can sort of still have some function after they’re dead, but that shot was obviously put there to cast a little doubt about her death. (Although, were we supposed to notice something about her diamond ring, too? Or just to make the point that she’s sort of dying at the hand of someone — that’d be Dave — who supposedly loved her? Cameras zoomed in on her hand when she slunk out of the car and then again — this time, the ring was totally obscured — after Edie had been shocked.)

C) Look to the episode-ending preview for the next new installment. (Which unfortunately ABC hasn’t set a date for yet. There aren’t new episodes for a least the next two weeks.) Even in the teaser, Edie’s fate is unclear. We just hear Susan saying, ”We could have been good friends.” Who’s she talking to? Edie? And: On what planet? Those two were usually at each other’s throats! And then at the end of the preview, we saw Susan crouching over Edie’s body (which is still lying in the street) as she says, ”You’re gonna be just fine.” Again, huh? Since when is Susan coming to Edie’s rescue? But again, we’re not seeing Edie’s funeral — we’re seeing the possibility of her still being alive.

But I don’t believe the doubt the producers are casting around Edie’s death for one minute: She is done for on Wisteria Lane. Since she figured out Dave’s secrets, though, what her death ultimately allows is for him to be continually creepy until the finale, which — hope upon hopes! — will see his increasingly predictable story line wrap up. Dave has yet another chance to ruin Mike’s life — whether that be by following through with his plan to kill Katherine, or possibly, by just taking Mike out himself — now that the only person who knew what he was going to do is incapacitated.

All the drama with Edie, of course, flowed from what’s going on with Mike. This week, the long-planned camping trip actually happened. Before Mike, Katherine, and Dave even got to the cabin (also: since when is going to a cabin in the woods considered ”camping”?), we viewers saw how everything was supposed to go down. In Dave’s demented mind, he was going to call the park’s rangers and tell them there were illegal hunters near where they were staying, then he’d let Mike and Katherine go scamper off on a hike by themselves before shooting Katherine with a hunting rifle. (Yes, then the blame would be on one of those phantom hunters.) This was just a preview of how it was supposed to go down — and I say supposed to because, naturally, it didn’t happen like that. After figuring out Dave’s true motivations, Edie texted her hubby, and it was that text that threw him off his game and made him miss Katherine. So, folks, Mike’s lady is not dead. Yet.

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