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Desperate Housewives recap: Working It Out

Tom and Lynette have a tough decision to make about their future, Susan’s jealousy kicks in, and Orson tries to get a bigger piece of the pie

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Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives

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Do any of you TV Watchers out there feel like we’re headed for a Dave Williams mystery reveal that is going to be — hmm, should I just be harsh? — a total letdown? I fear we’re headed that way, friends. Why? Because the build-up for what he’s got planned has been so insanely drawn out over this season of Desperate Housewives.

Take last night’s episode, for instance. All the other story lines whirred along — Bree and Orson bickered about his salary; Lynette and Tom decided to finally close the pizzeria; Susan went to war with Katherine about her spending so much time with MJ; and Gaby and Carlos got that bonus, but at a price. Dave and Edie? Well, they just made plans for a weekend away before Dave cancelled so he could go on a hunting trip with Mike. The real revelations in this story line were that, Dave is keeping Dr. Heller’s phone and communicating with his secretary via text. At the end of the episode, we saw him text her that Dr. H. would be back on the 15th. Although we know that obviously can’t happen since Dr. H was burned to a crisp in that club fire. And the second bit that was revealed was that Dave seems like he’s planning to kill Mike or Katherine — or both of them — on his upcoming camping trip.

My question, though: Didn’t we already basically know that he was going to either kill Mike to make him pay for accidentally killing his wife and kid? Or that he’d kill the person he loves (a.k.a. Katherine) to make him feel the same pain. Which brings me to bigger questions: Is this even a mystery anymore? Is there anything to reveal? Why should I keep watching? I feel like there’s gotta be something bigger going on here, but in all reality, it seems rather cut and dry: Dave is crazy and wants to make someone pay. Revenge is a good motivator, but I’d like for this mystery — and whatever the eventual outcome is — to be more sordid. Desperate is the show that, in its first season, had a lady stealing a baby and burying the biological mother in a toy chest in the back yard. Seriously, can we get a little edge? The other way this could go is that the sordidness of the Dave story line has been so greatly veiled and metered out that I just have no idea. Like, there’s some great twist — something so delicious that my head will explode. I freakin’ hope so!

Maybe this twist has something to do with the fact that Nicolette Sheridan, a.k.a. Edie, is leaving the show. The idea has been floated that Dave kills her. As we saw tonight, Edie said she wasn’t going on the camping trip, but maybe she decides to and then Dave accidentally blows her away instead of Mike and/or Katherine? That doesn’t seem too plausible. But, really, on the Edie-leaving-Wisteria Lane front, I’m all good with that. While Edie does provide a lot of the comic relief on the show (and gems like this: ”Well, why not? Life is brief and mostly sucks. You gotta grab all the good you can while you’re on this side of the dirt.”), she’s rather pointless for the most part. This season she served the great purpose of bringing Dave Williams on to the street, but for the most part, she just sells houses once in a while. And as for the comic relief, we’ve always got Gaby, who makes every scene she’s in humorous.

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