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Desperate Housewives recap: Friends With Money

Money issues prevail on Wisteria Lane, as Susan and Mike scrounge for cash to get M.J. into private school, Tom is forced to sell his flashy car, Gaby and Carlos are flush again, and Bree’s career windfall might end up costing her a friend

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Just when I thought the fictional world of Fairview was immune to all the things that affect us in the real world, Desperate Housewives serves up an episode that’s oddly of-the moment. Yes, TV Watchers, I speak of the worldwide recession we’re all currently enduring. Money troubles have finally made their way to Wisteria Lane!

Last night, we saw financial woes — and, conversely, for the Solis clan and Bree, great financial windfalls — affect the ladies of the Lane. More than anything, I can appreciate that the writers decided to work up a series of plotlines that feel very here and now. The biggest one involved the still-reeling Lynette and Tom, who faced a cash shortage in the wake of Porter’s arrest and subsequent acquittal.

The show opened with Lynette doing the thing we never thought Tom would allow: She sold off his hot rod car, which he affectionately referred to as ”Foxy.” (Really, what is a midlife crisis without a sexy red car? Guess we’ll find out now that Tom no longer has one.) Turns out that the failing economy — and Fairview residents’ unwillingness to patronize Scavo’s Pizzeria after the unsavory Preston fracas — had turned the Scavo’s family business into quite the drain. In this case, I understand people being scared away by the scandal, but really, wouldn’t a pizza shop probably see an uptick in sales during a time when people want to save money? There certainly aren’t any pies with truffle oil and carmelized onions in simple pizza joints (ie., they’re not breaking the patron’s pocketbooks), so I’d guess business at the rather-cheap pizzeria would be booming. But I digress. Back to the issue at hand.

Lynette was stressing out as usual, and her worry only became even more amplified when Bree — fresh off the success of her best-selling cookbook — rolled up in her brand-new Lexus. (Apparently, Lexus now makes cars that feature a refrigerator in the backseat and a self-parking mechanism! What will they think of next?) Lynette’s disdain for Bree’s extravagance quickly became apparent, which inspired Bree to hand Lynette a check for a cool $20K. (Which one of you has friends like that? I’m taking friendship applications for anyone willing to fork over that kind of cash!) After some back and forth, Lynette decided the cash should not be just a gift or a straight-up loan, but rather an investment in the pizza shop. But, as we all know, money and friendship doesn’t mix. Before the end of the episode, the cash came between the once-extremely-tight pair. Oh, and Bree’s ever-expanding ego also got in the way. At Bree’s book launch party at Scavo’s, Lynette used ”commercial Parmesan,” prompting Bree to go into diva mode and claim that what she was using was ”like the dust they sweep off the floor of a place that makes real cheese.” Hilarious, yes. But probably not the most sensitive comment to make to a woman who’s worried about paying for her next tank of gas.

NEXT: Susan learns the value of Mike’s money

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