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April 19, 2017 at 11:00 PM EDT

Designated Survivor

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Knowing what Abe was asking from Hookstraten, Forstell immediately takes his intel to the president because he believes someone in the White House is leaking him classified information. Since the investigation into the terrorists is ongoing, Forstell says they have every right to detail Abe Leonard, but the president isn’t loving this.

They don’t have to rush into a decision too quickly, though, because Abe’s editors think his story is all conjecture and won’t publish as is. The reporter decides to search “Nestor Lozano Conspiracy Theories” on not-Google to see what’s out there already. A window pops up that shows him video footage of Wells firing her weapon at the shooter during the presidential assassination attempt.

Shortly after, Leonard realizes he’s being followed around D.C. He confronts Seth about it — he thinks it’s the FBI tracking him because he’s getting too close to the truth. As always, Seth is clueless.

Later, Leonard gets a package on his car that contains an old-school Nokia phone. It rings, and the man on the other line tells him they have information about Nestor Lozano and to meet him in one hour. But that’s information for another episode because the rest of the hour is filled out with Wells and Atwood’s adventure in North Dakota.

Following their discovery of lots and lots of explosives, the two FBI agents call Forstell. He wants to send in a team, but Wells doesn’t want to tip their hand just yet. She’s sure there must be clues in Driggs, the town closest to the silo site. Driggs is a tiny town with nothing in it — except lots of people with out-of-town license plates, which is not suspicious at all.

As Wells and Atwood walk around the town, a man comes up to them and says there are storms coming. Wells replies, but it’s clearly not what the guy wants to hear and he quickly walks off. Seeing that she failed some sort of test, Wells not-so-subtly takes pictures of the guy’s license plate and a book she sees in his car titled “Pax Americana.”

At the local bar, the FBI agents are able to ask questions about all the visitors in this small town. The bar owner says they call these people “True Believers.” They visit the Air Force property three to four times a year and burn bonfires. He says there are also lots of trucks and choppers going to the old base. All of this adds up to: They found the terrorist cell!

If that weren’t confirmation enough, Wells spots a guy at a gas station with “NVWS” tattooed on his wrist. And that’s the same letters printed on the explosives she and Atwood found. Bingo! And then when Wells is able to swipe the guy’s Pax Americana book, she learns that this group wants to replace the current government with a “new empire” and that “NVWS” stands for “No Victory Without Sacrifice.” Double bingo!

After failing to get back to the site — they were stopped by “hunters” (definitely terrorists) who told them it was private land — Wells and Atwood call in what they’ve found. Forstell reports back that all the cars’ license plates are stolen, and they have a task force an hour away ready to move in.

Wells wants to get one closer look before they do that, though, so she and Atwood infiltrate on foot. It’s a good thing they do because those bonfires the bartender said the “True Believers” love? They’re actually there to create a landing zone for an incoming helicopter. And out of that helicopter steps dead man Nestor Lozano. Somebody’s got some explaining to do!

How deep does this terrorist cell run? Who is leaking information from the White House? Who’s tailing Abe Leonard? Is Hookstraten going to be made vice president? And when will someone just tell poor Seth something? All questions will have to wait until next week — or until the end of the season, more likely.

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