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Legends of Tomorrow recap: Season 2, Episode 3

Nate trains to control his Citizen Steel powers — and a mysterious message arrives from a friend in the future

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Dean Buscher/The CW

DC's Legends of Tomorrow

TV Show
Action, Sci-fi
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Victor Garber, Brandon Routh, Caity Lotz, Arthur Darvill, Dominic Purcell
The CW
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Konnichiwa, Legends. Welcome to feudal Japan, where a Shogun threatens to use the Atom suit to conquer the region, murder the team, and take Nate’s new girlfriend away from him.

But before we get to that, landing in feudal Japan — surprise, surprise — had never been part of the Legends’ plan. Having left 1952 behind shortly after Reverse-Flash killed Rex, the team takes off with a stowaway Vixen onboard, who knocks out every member until she reaches Mick, whom she believes to be the culprit. He’s a thief and a murderer, after all — why shouldn’t he, a time traveler (as Rex told her), be the man who committed the crime? Luckily for Mick, Nate healed just in time in the medic bay. Through the serum Ray tinkered for him, his skin transformed into a steel alloy and allowed him to take out Vixen while also looking like Silver Surfer (but with a more chiseled jawline and a hefty helping of insecurity).

While Sara convinces Vixen not to take out an actually innocent Mick, Ray tries to help the newly minted Citizen Steel figure out his powers. At first, it works just fine — it turns out a little adrenaline kick is all Nate needs to get “steel on,” and soon enough, the boys (Jax is there, too) are goofing off when Sara and Vixen walk into the party. Nate and Ray, though, wind up overdoing it and blowing a hole straight through the side of the ship, causing debris to fly through — along with steel Nate, who crash lands in feudal Japan with Ray hot on his heels.

The pair get off to opposite starts: While a woman named Masako picks up Nate and takes him home to treat his injuries, with the help of her father (who initially disapproves of the houseguest), Ray gets caught while still in his suit by a group of samurai. Thanks to the language pill, he manages to communicate his predicament, but the samurai only take him away to meet the menacing Shogun, who wants Ray’s suit for his own. And, well, he gets it — leaving a powerless Ray hanging from the ceiling.

Nate, on the other hand, gets a bath from Masako. The two connect, thanks to Nate’s keen understanding of feudal history (he’d always been a geek about Japanese history, hence his ability to speak the language) and Masako’s anxiety over getting married the next day to — you guessed it! — the Shogun himself. Things go south when the Shogun’s men arrive to check on Masako and make sure no other foreigners are around. At first, Masako manages to lie about Nate’s presence — but an overly confident Nate winds up confronting the Shogun’s squad and, well, gets his ass kicked when his steel powers don’t turn on. Not only that, but he gets stabbed in the abdomen, the last thing a hemophiliac wants to happen.

While he faints, Ray manages to escape from his guards — just as Sara, Vixen, and Mick arrive to rescue him. (Why the delay? Vixen and Mick wouldn’t stop arguing over whether Mick belongs on a team of heroes. Just imagine if she had met Captain Cold.) Sara has a showdown with the shogun’s right-hand samurai, but they escape when the Shogun activates the Atom suit, which he now wears. They run into Ray on the way out and scamper all the way to the village, where they find Nate and try to take him away, as he’s been healed nicely thanks to the serum.

But just as they’re about to leave, Nate says they have to stay. According to Nate, the Shogun became known throughout history because he infamously murdered his wives, so Nate wants to save Masako, if they can. And… With some hesitation, the Legends agrees to save Masako and defend the village, especially since the Shogun could potentially use the Atom suit to conquer the region.

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