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Daredevil season finale recap

Yes, this is the one with the red suit.

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Barry Wetcher/Netflix

Marvel's Daredevil

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Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson
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Well, we made it. The first chapter of Marvel’s crazy ambitious Netflix plan is coming to a close, and it’s safe to say the results were largely better than expected. The final hour of Daredevil really focused in on what’s worked over the previous 12, ending the season on an optimistic note for what’s to come.

Let’s just hope Matt works out his wardrobe issue before The Defenders.

But before things can get all punchy-kicky, we’ve got to go through some bad times. Ben Urich’s funeral takes up the cold open and the first scene of the episode proper. Everyone is sad that Fisk killed the one good reporter in all of New York, and everyone has found a way to personally blame themselves for the murder. Karen—who actually makes a pretty good case for being the cause—apologizes to Ben’s wife, who tells her that he wouldn’t have done anything he didn’t want to. (You know, unless he was tricked.) She’ll be all right, though. Ben took out a life insurance policy on himself back in the day, so his wife will have good care for the rest of her life—and presumably never be seen again.

Karen doesn’t just blame herself. She blames a lot of people, including Ben’s editor, who she believes is Fisk’s mole at the paper. She’s also pissed at Foggy for not coming to the funeral, but he says he had a good reason. Plus, there’s the looming threat that Fisk will find out that she too went to go see his mother in the nursing home. To summarize: Things aren’t great for Karen. Thankfully, Matt is there to ominously promise her that everyone responsible for all of the suffering in Hell’s Kitchen is about to get what’s coming to them.

One of those people is Leland Owlsley. With Gao gone, there’s nothing protecting him from Fisk—the man he betrayed with a poisoned glass of champagne—except for a big pile of money. You see, using his super accounting abilities, Owlsley was able to take half of Fisk’s cash before the big man realized a thing. Plus, there’s a kicker. Owlsley has Detective Hoffman stashed away, and Detective Hoffman has everything it would take to bring down Fisk, if something unfortunate were to happen to the accountant. To that Fisk says, “I don’t care” and throws Leland down an elevator shift. The murder starts a ticking clock. Fisk will have to locate Hoffman before Owlsley’s men notice that he’s missing and deliver the dirty cop to the authorities.

I think we all can agree that a Matt-Foggy makeup session has been long overdue, and that’s why it was such a relief to see the two meet up at gym during a late-night punching session. Foggy, as it turns out, couldn’t come to Ben’s funeral because Marcy had called him. The soulless lawyer from Landman & Zack, who’s working on righting herself in the eyes of Foggy, has been stealing files from the law firm with the hopes of finding something that will bring down Fisk. But this is exactly what Matt doesn’t want happening. He’s afraid that everyone who gets involved with his crusade is just another potential target for the Kingpin and his many allies. Foggy objects, however, saying that this is exactly the kind of legal maneuvering that Matt advocated in the first place, which is favorable to the inevitable alternative: somebody dying.

So now the legal team of Nelson and Murdock is back together, and the first stop is Officer Brett, who, fresh off of his own run-in with Daredevil outside of Madame Gao’s warehouse, is rethinking some things. While speaking with the officer, Matt overhears another cop talking about finding and killing Hoffman, so he knows that the clock is ticking. Back at the office, Matt, Foggy, and Karen pore over the documents that Marcy leaked, and the assistant finds a building that mysteriously disappears from a list of holdings. When Matt arrives at the building, dirty cops have already killed everyone but Hoffman, but thankfully, Daredevil has a superhero sense of timing as well. He saves the dirty detective’s life on the condition that Hoffman march straight into Brett’s precinct and offer a statement.

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