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Dancing With the Stars recap: Latin Night

A front-runner emerges as the first celeb is sent home

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Dancing With the Stars

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Tom Bergeron, Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli, Len Goodman, Erin Andrews, Julianne Hough
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There are certain things you can count on during DWTS Latin Night: people being intimidated by sexiness, steamy partner work, skimpy outfits, bongos, awkward rubbing, not awkward rubbing, and lots and lots of temperature puns. The season 22 installment of Latin Night did not disappoint.

Although the second week of competition arrived with the built-in drama of discovering which celebrity would be sent packing first, if you’re anything like me, you spent your afternoon more concerned about whether or not Mark Ballas would be able to dance after suffering a back injury in rehearsals. You guys: MARK BALLAS. Who else would voluntarily (and enthusiastically) dress as a giant bunny, a duck hunter, or Edward Scissorhands for the art of dance? No one! Respect the Ballas, is all I’m saying.

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Tom refuses to give away Mark’s dance status, because he’s a showman first and foremost. So we all need to band together and put it out of our minds because there’s some dancing to get to.

Jodie Sweetin and Keo Motsepe

Samba | “Burn Up the Dance” by Dillion Francis, Skrillex

Jodie got the memo about the tiny costumes for Latin Night, and the news isn’t helping her constantly increasing stress levels. Most people would be happy with a 20 for their first night in the ballroom — lord knows Geraldo would — but not Jodie. Would you expect anything less from Stephanie Tanner? Thankfully, Jodie has Keo in her corner. He calms her down by cooing something about getting rid of desperate energy, but I’m only partially sure about that because when Keo starts talking, I only hear harp music. Whatever he said, it worked, because Jodie comes out and owns the dance floor with a fun samba. The judges can tell she’s feeling more comfortable, but Carrie Ann and Bruno both want Jodie to get out of her head a little more.

Judges’ Score: 21/30

Marla Maples and Tony Dovolani

Argentine Tango |“Don’t” by Ed Sheeran

When Tony’s happy, I’m happy. And after his debut with Marla last week, Tony is happy. He admits to being impressed with his partner, and I hope Marla knows that some women (for instance, me) have dreamt of hearing those words from Tony Dovolani all of their boring non-anti-oxidant lives. Marla admits to being intimidated by the inherently sexy Latin Night, but her powerful Argentine Tango says otherwise. Seriously though, those splits had me googling where I could buy Tigernuts. The judges were equally impressed with Marla’s continued ability to infuse each of her dances with elegance, but felt the routine was lacking the intimacy and grittiness the Argentine Tango is known for.

Judges’ Score: 20/30

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Geraldo Rivera and Edyta Sliwinska

Salsa |“Ran Kan Kan” by Tito Puente

After last week’s pathetically bad performance, Edyta wants to focus on playing up the story of their salsa. Unfortunately for all of us, the story is about a President Donald Trump. Is not even the ballroom safe? Let’s talk positives: Geraldo has a great attitude, he knows his limits, and he’s not afraid to simply do the best he can. If you look closely, you’ll notice that none of those positives have anything to do with actual dancing. The judges commend Geraldo’s spirit, and Carrie Ann notes some improvement in rhythm, but the performance was all entertainment and no technique. Despite adding in some actual content this week, Geraldo ends up facing those dreaded 4 paddles once again.

Judges’ Score: 13/30

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