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'Dancing With the Stars' recap: 'TV Night'

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Dancing With the Stars

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Tom Bergeron, Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli, Len Goodman
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If Dancing With the Stars was ever going to cater to me, then this is the week because it’s all about TV theme songs – my specialty! The Muppets open up the night, and even Miss Piggy is joining Tom Bergeron for some hosting duties. And as if it couldn’t get any better, previous Dancing champ Alfonso Ribeiro, an alum of one of TV’s best theme song shows ever, is guest judging. So let’s get to it.

Carlos and Witney

Jazz | The Golden Girls

Who doesn’t love “Thank You for Being a Friend”? You know you were singing along! These two, with their wigs and old timey costumes, were so stinkin’ adorable it hurt. I loved the mix in choreography that never felt too cutesy, though it didn’t wow me by any means. The judges’ critique, however, was relatively harsh. Alfonso wanted more energy, (it’s almost like he rehearsed this critique), and even Carrie Ann didn’t think Carlos has improved since last week.

Judges’ Score: 31

Paula and Louis

Samba | Gilligan’s Island

Paula claims she’s exhausted and has a bit of a breakdown during rehearsals. But while she was all tears behind the scenes, she’s all smiles on the dance floor. The routine is a bit cheesy for my liking and with this song’s slow speed there’s really not much to be done to impress. Overall, Paula seemed to digress a bit from last week. Julianne agreed, and she wanted it to be better. And Bruno made a shipwreck metaphor that for once makes a lot of sense.

Judges’ Score: 20

Tamar and Val

Tango | Mad Men

I was immediately intrigued by what this routine, to this song, would look like, and I kind of loved it. Who knew this tune could lend itself to such a hot and sexy number? I didn’t want to take my eyes off the dance and I couldn’t stop watching Tamar’s near-perfect footwork. And that finish? What I’d do to take Tamar’s place. Carrie Ann even called it “must-see TV!”

Judges’ Score: 33

Alexa and Mark

Jazz | Breaking Bad

As Derek teased for us this week, Mark’s prosthetic was spot-on. As everyone knows, Mark loves to get kooky with his routines – and completely go for it – and this was a pretty cool interpretation. Carrie Ann called it genius, and I have to agree that the two somehow channeled the essence of the AMC series while adding in the necessary elements of jazz.

Judges’ Score: 36

Watch Derek’s video diary below to see why he was impressed with Mark this week:

NEXT: Things get Blood-y[pagebreak]

Let’s take a break to watch this epic moment between Miss Piggy and Derek.

Andy and Allison

Quickstep | American Bandstand

Andy is the perfect person to take on this theme song because sometimes I feel like he’s straight out of the ‘60s. His timing is definitely better this week, and it’s hard to find any missteps, overall. The judges all found it entertaining, though Carrie Ann said he’s too much in his head.

Judges’ Score: 29

Gary and Anna

Tango | The Addams Family

Gary says he was hurt in his heart after last week’s scores, but tells the producer the audience can expect perfection this week. It wasn’t quite that. But there’s no doubt that Gary fully committed – I don’t think he broke from this face once. And you know what? It wasn’t half bad. I wouldn’t go as far as Alfonso who called it an Academy Award performance, but if it gets Gary another week I’m okay with it.

Judges’ Score: 25

Alek and Lindsay

Tango | True Blood

Lindsay is nervous that Alek won’t play up the sexy, but he does a pretty job flirting with the ladies during rehearsals! As for the live performance, Alek doesn’t break from his sultry look once, and he does an excellent job with that drag-Lindsay-across-the-floor move. Apparently there was a slight mess up, but, like Julianne, I completely missed it!

Judges’ Score: 33

Kim and Tony

Samba | I Dream of Jeannie

As you may have read, Kim had a mini-stroke when she got home to Atlanta. She doesn’t know if she can dance, and it’s kind of scary to hear what happened. Tom shares an update that Kim couldn’t get on a flight, so instead Tony is performing with Jenna from the troupe. Kim Skypes in after the dance and says she feels great and she even just rehearsed just on Saturday. Unfortunately, according to the rules, she must withdraw, and I swear it seems Tony is about to cry!

NEXT: Dancers in a half-shell![pagebreak]

Bindi and Derek

Quickstep | The Jeffersons

After planning a dance to The Jetsons, Bindi – with a hurt foot – and Derek couldn’t get the song cleared in time and change it to The Jeffersons. Of all the dances, this is probably one of the labor intensive for the foot, but you’d never know Bindi was injured. I kind of can’t stop laughing at Derek’s cheesy grin, but I guess I’d look like that too if that little piece of sunshine was my partner.

Judges’ Score: 32

Nick and Sharna

V. Waltz | Downton Abbey

Nick says he’s coming off of a rough week, and Sharna equates his cursing during rehearsals to passion. They attempt to carry that passion to the dance floor with an extravagant number that’s a tad boring to be honest. Julianne calls Nick a leading man and says it’s the best dance of the night! (Am I just tired or did I totally miss the excellence?)

Judges’ Score: 36

Hayes and Emma

Jive | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

How can you not have fun with this theme song and those costumes, right? Although this routine had Mark’s name all over it (remember his Super Mario number?), the two were entertaining, and you could tell Hayes has some real skill – even if it looked, at times, like he was taking a cardio kickboxing class. Major boos come from the audience when the judges comment that it appeared they lost their energy midway through.

Judges’ Score: 30

Time for another elimination! Andy and Allison are in jeopardy and seem shocked to find out, alongside Paula and Louis. Everyone else is safe! So who’s going home? Neither! Because Kim and Tony had to withdraw everyone else will live to dance another week.

What did you think of the episode?