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'Dancing With the Stars' recap: 'Showstoppers Night'

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Dancing With the Stars

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Tom Bergeron, Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli, Len Goodman
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We’re getting down to the wire and with only six couples left, anything can happen! And unfortunately for one of those pairs, a mid-rehearsal emergency left Tamar hospital-bound, while Val awaited the fate of his partner and their future in the competition. Did they get eliminated by default? And which duos are one week closer to that mirror ball trophy? Let’s get this recapping started!

Alek and Lindsay

Salsa “Back It Up”

Rather than worrying about this week’s routine, Alek and Lindsay are focused on getting our guy ready for his semi-shirtless debut, which apparently means a group chest wax. I’m pretty sure it breaks some health codes, but as Julianne says, he looks great! Although the dance is a little awkward at times — and I thought he was going to drop her on several occasions  I’m always in favor of stepping out of your comfort zone, which he certainly did.

Judges’ Score: 24

Alexa and Mark

Contemporary “Make It Rain”

While prepping for the week’s routine, Alexa opens up about a horrifying time when a casting director told her she was fat, which led to years of an eating disorder. The dance is powerful and shows not only some emotional depth, but a pretty incredible amount of physical strength, as well. I’m drained just from watching it, so I can only imagine how Alexa feels.

Judges’ Score: 30

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Carlos and Witney

Argentine Tango“What Do You Mean”

Witney is having a major freak-out this week, but Carlos refuses to go home before the finals, and together they vow to give it what they got. Right off the bat, the two get points for choosing my current song obsession. As for the dance, the parts in front of the door felt distracting and a tad offbeat, so I wish they had kept to the dance floor because that part of the routine was pretty good. As Carrie Ann said, they had a lot going on, and it didn’t quite come together.

Judges’ Score: 27

Bindi and Derek

V. Waltz “Roses and Violets”

Apparently when you’re Bindi and Derek, it’s hard being so perfect all the time. Derek is so worried he’ll let his girl down — he even references doing that last season, presumably when he got injured  but he’s lacking some inspiration. The two seem to pull it together for the routine, and sure, the number is a tad boring. But Bindi looks stunning, and that spin was to die for. Moral of the story? Bindi and Derek are still perfect.  

Judges’ Score: 30

NEXT: Will Tamar get disqualified?


Tamar and Val

Contemporary“Wicked Game”

Tamar has been juggling her busy schedule, and although she got in a dress rehearsal, her exhaustion turned out to be more serious than expected. We watch the dress rehearsal, which the judges will judge, and it’s a slight mess. There are some highlights, but toward the end, it falls apart a little, but, after all, it’s a dress rehearsal that wasn’t meant to be judged. After, Val tells Tom he feels horrible about pushing her past her limits and even gets defensive towards the judges. It’s awkward, but understandable.

Judges’ Score: 22

Nick and Sharna

Quickstep“Cool Cat in Town”

Nick came off of an incredible week, but his Backstreet bones are starting to ache, and he’s worried his body is breaking down. You wouldn’t know it from the routine, though, which is a ton of fun. It’s effortless, and Julianne even says it felt straight out of Broadway.

Judges’ Score: 28

Carlos and Witney, Alek and Lindsay

Paso Doble“We Will Rock You”

The foursome takes a cruise for some dance inspiration. Side note: Can I go on a cruise for “work”? But with all the fun, was there time to learn the moves? Well, they certainly nailed the big lift. That aside, the routine feels a little disjointed, and Julianne’s also disappointed in Alek and Carlos’ solo turn! Also, I think Bruno said something about spanking?

Judges’ Score: 24

Bindi and Derek, Alexa and Mark

Charleston“All That Jazz”/”Hot Honey Rag”

The two pairs travel to New York to see Chicago, and as Derek told us, he got a little moody along the way. The dance isn’t perfect, but the ladies are a good complement to each other, and it feels a lot more together than the last group dance. Too bad Halloween just passed because I want to borrow their wigs and dresses.

Judges’ Score: 30

Nick and Sharna, Tamar and Val

Rumba“Hey Jude”

Speaking of down to the wire, Tamar literally pulls up to the studio just minutes before the final dance. What a trooper! And after seeing the Cirque du Soleil steps they have to incorporate into the routine, it’ll be impressive if they pull it off. Between the aerialist, the confetti, and the umbrellas, it’s hard to stay focused on the main dancers — and I didn’t spot too much rumba  but still, props to Tamar.

Judges’ Score: 27

With Tamar’s return, the elimination is back on the table, and it comes down to our married folks, Carlos and Alexa, whose dreams of making it to the finals together are crushed. Ultimately, despite two perfect scores tonight, it’s Alexa going home and poor Carlos is beside himself.

Are you sad to see Alexa leave? Who should make it to the final four? Weigh in below!

And check out our fun video with Derek where we put his dance improv skills to the test!