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Dallas recap: Like Father, Like Son

John Ross makes moves to take Ewing Global public, and one of them doesn’t turn out well for a spiraling Sue Ellen

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Dallas 306 Recap
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Just when you think Dallas is getting bogged down with all the business talk, it finally gets to the ‘S’ in the episode rating. That stands for sex, of course, but as usual, there’s more than one way to get screwed on this show. It’s a credit to Josh Henderson (and his tears) that the hour will be remembered most for his confrontation with a drunk Sue Ellen (Linda Gray). He made John Ross’ turn from a bastard to a hurt boy to a bastard again believable. Here we go.

John Ross found out his permit to frak on South Fork was back under environmental review by the new railroad commissioner (Bobby), so he stormed into his mother’s office and had it out with her (for the first time this hour). In short, “I may be drunk on power, but you, you’re just drunk,” he told her. “This wasn’t the tough love of a mother, these are irrational decisions of an alcoholic.” Cue the opening credits.

John Ross approached Bobby and Christopher (a.k.a. “self-righteous, party of two”). The show quickly addressed Bobby’s conflict of interest by informing us and John Ross that Bobby had signed his shares of Ewing Global over to Christopher. John Ross doesn’t think stabbing him in the back was a “family first” message, but Bobby said John Ross left them no choice.

I love that everyone is just okay with that hideous sculpture John Ross brought back from his honeymoon. Move along. Nothing to see here. Christopher asked whether Elena had found anything they could use against Nicolas, and he also told her about Carlos looking into who Nicolas was before 1997. Elena said she’d get right on that. Yes, by texting Nicolas to get his butt to her office. He told her there’s no paper trail to connect him to her family since they never legally adopted him, and to stay the course (he is in Texas!): she’ll work on getting close to Pamela to turn her against John Ross, and he’ll work on John Ross, whose family hatred makes him vulnerable.

John Ross looked so sad staring at his little arctic models. Nicolas said even he saw what an opportunity they’re giving up. John Ross offered him some of his daddy’s bourbon, and Nicolas said following Cliff’s agenda is becoming increasingly difficult. They agreed to drink more after work. Elena, meanwhile, asked Pamela out for a girls’ night, and poor Pamela suggested they invite Emma, who was at that moment having a nice chat with her mother. “Nice” if you like hearing Ann agree that John Ross has just been using Emma, which Emma didn’t. Nicolas left for drinks with John Ross after Bobby threatened to look hard at Nicolas’ private subsidiaries for violations if he didn’t help the company come up with the cash for the arctic play. That is an abuse of power, Bobby.

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