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Dallas recap: A Bang and a Blast

Christopher and John Ross play dirty, but Harris’ and Cliff’s games could be deadly

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Zade Rosenthal


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Barbara Bel Geddes, Linda Gray, Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, Charlene Tilton, Victoria Principal

Dallas really needed to bring it this episode so those who feared the show wouldn’t be as juicy without J.R. would want to stick around. John Ross screwing the head of the DCT so Christopher could blackmail her and Cliff Barnes deciding to detonate a bomb on Christopher’s rig WHILE HIS PREGNANT DAUGHTER WAS ON IT should do it! Let’s start at the beginning.

“My father’s six feet under, and he’s still got us workin’ for him,” John Ross said to Christopher and Bobby, who were going over the documents that J.R. had left them. Those included a summary of financial reports for Barnes Global dating back to its inception by Cliff’s mother, who’d divided the company between her three children: Cliff, Pam, and Catherine. Catherine’s dead, so Pam could be a silent partner in Barnes Global and help them take Cliff down. That’s why J.R. was looking for her. Christopher vowed to find Pam if she’s still alive. John Ross, meanwhile, wants to find out why Harris Ryland’s trucks were in Mexico. Bobby said he has Carlos del Sol working on it. John Ross also wants to know what J.R.’s letter said to Bobby and what the gun is for. Bobby said only after they implement all of J.R.’s masterplan would he reveal it. Bobby and Christopher left for the will reading, and John Ross offered to lock the files up. Really, you’re gonna leave him alone with those? Okay, actually, he did put them away. He stayed behind in J.R.’s room to quietly reflect… until Emma came in and took off her top. Sex in J.R.’s bed? Lovely!

It wasn’t so much a quickie, as everyone gave John Ross the eye when he showed up late for the will reading at Ewing Energies. J.R. bequeathed his entire collection of boots to Bobby on the condition that he take better care of them than he does his own. To Gary, he left his prize bottle of Scotch. He’s an alcoholic, you’ll recall. To Christopher, he left his copy of The Prince by Machiavelli, because being smart and sneaky is an unbeatable combination. (That was actually nice, right?) To Ann, he left his favorite dove-hunting gun, “unless she is the reason you’re reading this will.” Ha! To Sue Ellen, he left his heart, because she’s the only woman he’s ever loved — along with half of his rights to the oil under Southfork. The other half went to John Ross, the best man J.R. ever knew. Ah.

But here’s the twist: Long ago, Miss Ellie had given orders that an envelope not be opened until after J.R.’s death. He’s not a rancher, so that’s why she gave Southfork to Bobby, the letter said. But not wanting to punish her grandson for his father’s sins, she instructed that half the deed to Southfork transfer to John Ross. That certainly shook things up!

As J.R. predicted, Cliff did try to team up with Harris. He visited him at his home and made a deal: In exchange for Harris’ muscle and friendship with the governor being used to help take the Ewings down, Cliff would give him enough money to buy Ryland Transport out from underneath his mother’s control. “I’m in,” Harris said.

Christopher was out to dinner with the head of the DCT, who wanted to polish off a bottle of wine and flirt. She said Barnes Global’s bid for the city fleet undercut his. She could get her colleagues to see his rig in action and prove the technology is viable. When Christopher said he needed more time to get everything up to speed, she asked what he could do for her and touched his hand. All he could do was get her press. She did not look happy. He had one week.

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