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Dallas recap: Trial and Error

Ann receives a quick verdict, but the jury is still out on the latest moves by Christopher, John Ross, and J.R.

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I haven’t wanted to read any articles about how Dallas will handle Larry Hagman’s passing, but knowing we’re getting close to his last episode, I suppose I’m happy that he’s taking Sue Ellen’s advice to forgive John Ross (even if he doesn’t deserve it) and nervous that Vicente has all of the sudden resurfaced. You?

As the episode began, Ann stormed into the hospital to see Harris. “Wake up, you sick son of a bitch,” she said. Naturally the Ice Queen wanted her gone: “You best leave if you know what’s good for you,” Judith said. But Ann gave it to Harris about him trying to frame Bobby for attempted murder when she was prepared to take responsibility for wanting him dead. Emma was outside and heard everything, including the pleasure Harris took in making Ann suffer. Outside the hospital, the always frazzled Ann dropped her keys, and when she went to pick them up, she noticed blood splatter on her cowboy boots. She marched into the police and said, “My name is Ann Ewing, and I shot Harris Ryland.” Emma, meanwhile, asked her father why he’d lied to police about Bobby. He and his mother blamed it on the coma and medication.

Across town, Cliff was being brutally honest with Rebecca: He said she’s desperately looking for love with men who can only use her. Considering how Cliff uses her, he should probably pipe down. But he did raise a good question: Why does she want to play another Ewing, especially when John Ross is as Machiavellian as his father? She told him there would be no more emotions to get in the way. Cliff had his doubts.

The police confirmed the blood and carpet fibers on Ann’s boots were from Harris and his home. Good thing they didn’t decide the two of them were in it together: They cleared Bobby and indicted Ann. They were going to go with a “sudden passion defense,” which everyone tried to tell Ann was a good thing because Emma would have to hear the story she’s been refusing to listen to in court.

J.R. made his entrance sitting outside, sipping his coffee, and reading on his tablet. His phone rang and it was Cliff, happy to tell J.R. that “Good morning” was the nicest thing he’d ever said to him — and also that it was John Ross who told him about J.R.’s deal with Frank. “You go to hell, Barnes,” J.R. said. “I would, but seems like you’ve cornered that market,” Cliff said.

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