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Dallas recap: The Ultimate Betrayal

John Ross plots against J.R., while Harris’ mother proves she’s just as evil

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Barbara Bel Geddes, Linda Gray, Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, Charlene Tilton, Victoria Principal

Yet again, Larry Hagman’s smile made me tear up, and yet again, Judith Light’s creepy, venomous delivery gave me chills. Let’s dig in.

Harris’ mother found him bleeding out and called to Emma to phone 911, because apparently that house is so big, Emma didn’t hear the shot. Ann came home and told Bobby what she’d done. The police got to Southfork right away. “He’s not dead?” Ann asked. ANN! HELP ME HELP YOU. Bobby could tell Ann was about to confess, so he confessed instead. Bobby was arrested and taken away — but not before the cops let Bobby have a moment alone with Ann and Christopher. Really, cops? Bobby was in control, but you know that house is full of guns. He explained that Harris had hurt Ann enough, and if her daughter found out that Ann tried to kill Harris, Ann would never be able to repair that relationship. Yes, that secret is never going to come out. Please, Bobby.

Over at Pamela’s, she was freaking out about the police having found some of Tommy’s blood in her condo when Frank arrived. John Ross made his entrance stumbling through in his tank, boxers, and socks asking Frank (who he assumed was the butler) for orange juice and strawberry pancakes. John Ross does love his pancakes. Pamela reminded Frank it would be him answering to her father if this blows up in her face.

At the police station, Christopher heard that Bobby had confessed against his attorney’s wishes and that the detective still hadn’t questioned Pamela again. The more Christopher yells at that detective about it “obviously” being Pamela behind Tommy’s demise, the more guilty he makes himself sound, I thought. Frank, meanwhile, was digging up Tommy’s body. Frank should wear a white T-shirt and jeans more often! Lookin’ good, sir, even as he gagged from the stench of the corpse. He phoned J.R., whose eyebrows made a glorious first appearance. Bravo to the director and DP for that angle from behind, and to Frank’s cell carrier. He had a great signal to be able to call J.R. from Tommy’s graveside to tell him he has a deal — he’ll give him the body as long as it doesn’t come back to him. As a bonus, Frank threw in the information that John Ross is sleeping with Pamela.

Next, it was time for Bobby’s hearing, and bail was set at $1 million. I hope they make it so we don’t have to look at him in that orange jumpsuit, I thought. Harris’ mother was back to being her ice queen self, trash-talking with Ann about Bobby being less of a man than Harris and being the one who’ll rot in prison. J.R. heard the news and was appropriately solemn, but John Ross was elated when he heard about Bobby’s arrest. He asked if it’ll help get him out of Ewing Energies. “When the family’s in trouble, we don’t take advantage,” J.R. told him. J.R. was, however, really upset about John Ross not having learned his lesson about “cavorting” with crazy ladies. John Ross told J.R. he had a plan to get Pamela’s shares after the divorce, and J.R. told John Ross that he and Frank were working it so there’d be no divorce because they were going to take Pamela out of the picture. J.R. should never have let that slip. John Ross asked what they were planning, and J.R. asked if he had feelings for Pamela. John Ross said no, but the way he sped off phoning his mommy said different.

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