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Dallas recap: Conspiracy Theory

Gov. McConaughey helps Harris stick it to the Ewings as Christopher and Pamela grieve

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Isn’t it nice when the Ewings are on the same side, and we can root for them to take down outsiders who screw them? This episode added the governor of Texas to that list. Let’s dig in.

We opened with Pamela and Christopher each grieving the loss of the twins in their own way. Christopher tore down the cribs at his place — and when his old crib broke, he destroyed it. Pamela put together the babies’ nursery and sat quietly in it.

Three weeks later, John Ross was making himself at home at Southfork and calling to check in on Pamela, who insisted her mother was taking good care of her but still looked shell-shocked. Bobby, always the voice of reason, welcomed John Ross to Southfork with a handshake. Bobby will try to make this work, but it’s a good thing John Ross didn’t sell his penthouse, right?

Christopher was looking a bit disheveled, too, as he shouted at Bobby and John Ross while telling them he needs to know who is responsible for the explosion on the rig and the death of his babies. The boys still assumed it was Cliff (and they’re right, of course), but Bobby was waiting for the T.E.S.H.A. committee’s findings. You know things are solemn at Southfork when I can’t even appreciate John Ross’ suit. Christopher was still being chilly with Elena, who at least was wearing a white turtleneck sweater for the frost.

At the T.E.S.H.A. meeting, Sue Ellen’s friend Ken Richards (Lee Majors) — who’d told her last week the committee had found evidence of two explosions, which indicated sabotage — was nowhere to be found. A different man said the official ruling was that a faulty sensor was to blame, and Ewing Energies was fined $1 billion. The Ewings were not happy — even Bobby said that guy could shove the “facts” up his ass. The Ewings are going to launch their own investigation and appeal. Sue Ellen insisted she talk to Ken because he’s sweet on her and she can use that. Christopher strongly suggested John Ross go see Pamela and ask her to look at her father’s calendar and see who he’s been meeting with in recent days (because villains always keep a record of their meetings, right?). John Ross was right: How do you tell a grieving mother her father killed his grandbabies and you need her to help prove it?

When John Ross arrived at her place, he found pills in the living room and Pamela sitting on the balcony alone and cold. It reminded me of that scene with Demi Moore in St. Elmo’s Fire, when she’s freezing indoors after the death of her stepmonster. Anyway, John Ross put his coat around her and got her up to go inside. She didn’t want him to touch her.

Julie Gonzalo really did a lovely job with the next scene, when she sat on the couch and admitted she sent her mother away a week ago and didn’t know where her father was — somewhere making a deal, she assumed, but he’d sent her flowers. She wanted to know why John Ross was there, and he didn’t go with the Cliff line of questioning; he said they were all worried about her. He truly is, though, so it’s not a lie. He said he’s not leaving until he knows she’s okay, and she said he’d be there a long time. He went to make her tea. John Ross making tea = hot.

Meanwhile, Christopher was off doing some Miller Lite product placement before confronting Ken Richards, who insisted he’d simply spoken too soon and no one had silenced him. Christopher threatened him and got in a fight with a bouncer, who decided not to press charges in exchange for a job on Elena’s rig. She asked Christopher just to slow down and stop being so reckless in his quest for answers, and he accused her of never wanting the babies so she could focus on her career. He told her congratulations, she got what she wanted. He deserved a slap in the face for that, and he got it.

NEXT: Drew and Emma, in case you fast-forwarded