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Dallas recap: Eye for an Eye

While J.R.’s away being awesome, no one plays nicely with John Ross

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I was worried when J.R. said he was leaving town last week. But after seeing him in Vegas, I permit him to stay there as long as he likes. He’s tan, his laugh is louder (being near Cliff Barnes is good for him), and he has three spa girls at his beck and call. (“Ladies, help me!”) I wouldn’t have picked him for a manicure man, but then again, if any man’s hands are dirty… Let’s dig in.

John Ross wasn’t able to sleep because he was worried about the ultimatum Christopher gave him — prove J.R. was in on the fraud from the beginning, or goal to jail — and whether Christopher would tell Elena the truth. He reminded Elena that Christopher would say anything to break them up, just incase. Elena sent him toward the main house with an inspirational line that made me howl: “I don’t believe in the war, but I believe in the warrior.”

John Ross had a run-in with Bobby, who was taking his pills so we don’t think they’ve completely dropped the cancer arc. Bobby said J.R.’s big mistake was always underestimating him, and that John Ross was just like his father — “All hat and no cattle.” Ouch! They were interrupted by one of John Ross’ workers informing him the Ryland trucks weren’t coming. Bobby wasn’t happy that Ann had seen her ex, Harris Ryland, and asked him for that favor. Turns out Bobby had a deal in place with the riggers at the site to stage a sickout, and he knew Ryland wouldn’t give something for nothing. Way to go, Ann!

John Ross’ day just got progressively worse. He couldn’t locate trucks to make his first shipment on Friday. Christopher was growing impatient and came to apply more pressure. Vicente, the Venezuelan oil man J.R.’s in business with, paid a visit to make some veiled threats of his own. Sue Ellen refused to bribe Ryland to get his trucks moving because she wants to run a clean gubernatorial campaign. And Marta made another attempt to apologize by suggesting she and John Ross run away together with the money she skimmed off Vicente in the Southfork deal. “I wouldn’t want to go across the street with you. Now leave. Before I do somethin’ we’ll both regret,” John Ross said, closing the door on her. I suspect she’ll regret having told John Ross about how she screwed Vicente. That’s information that might buy John Ross a second chance when Vicente finds out about Bobby winning this round…

It looked like things might turn around for John Ross when he met up with Elena that night and she suggested she draw them a bath while he grabbed them a couple of beers. But then he found a large knife stuck into a photo of him and Elena in her kitchen. Where did Marta learn how to pick locks? Luckily, there are always guys with shotguns hanging around Southfork, so John Ross told Ace and Buck to keep guard and he went to confront Marta. She’d cleared out of her place. I wonder if John Ross would have had it in him to kill her if he had found her? He later told Bum about the predicament, and now Bum’s got himself a Marta mission. Does she die next week?

NEXT: Rebecca attempts to redeem herself by giving Bobby and Christopher that win