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Dallas recap: Game Change

The fight for Southfork is on, now that everyone knows it belongs to J.R.

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This episode of Dallas is the only thing that rivals Downton Abbey when it comes to delivering news via written correspondence — the deed, Marta’s letter, J.R.’s power of attorney, whatever the Ewing family document was that Rebecca is now hiding from Tommy. Here we go…

Rebecca told Christopher that it was Tommy who’d sent the email to Elena. Three years ago, when Tommy moved to Dallas, his roommate knew about Christopher — and Christopher and Elena. All Rebecca knew, she claimed, was that Christopher was going to be on that train where they met and he’d recently broken up with someone. When Christopher went to kick Tommy’s ass, Tommy followed Rebecca’s lead and took all the blame. Rebecca told Christopher she never would have taken his money because she loves him, but Christopher still wanted her to move out.

Tommy’s under the impression Christopher won’t think to have his computer checked out now that he knows Tommy is a hacker. It would be the smart thing for Christopher to do, but I suppose you could argue that he’s more concerned with saving Southfork now. As for Rebecca, she convinced Ann to meet with her. Having David Nail’s “Let It Rain” playing in the background — a song about wanting to be punished for the one time you screwed your spouse over — was a nice call. I do believe Ann is hoping Rebecca will find a way to regain Christopher’s trust and prove she deserves a second chance. Rebecca told Ann she’s worried about what Tommy will do if he thinks she doesn’t have his back, so she has to figure out the right way to tell him to go to hell. She’s now snooping through the Ewing family files Tommy copied from the storage barn — presumably so she finds anything that could hurt the Ewings before Tommy does. Then she’ll take it to Christopher to prove she’s not after his money. (Though she’s still yet to mention the computer program Tommy will use to steal and sell Christopher’s energy plans.)

Christopher became slightly more interesting this week when he decided to play hardball after learning that J.R. had stolen Southfork. J.R. tried to tell Bobby not to get his boxers in a knot. J.R. said he’d heard Cliff Barnes was going to buy Southfork from Marta. Thinking that was a deal Bobby and Lobell had made with Marta, J.R. convinced her to sell it to him instead. Bobby may want to uphold his mother’s legacy, but J.R. wants to carry on his father’s — “Ewing Oil’s back in business, Bobby.” (Be honest: you repeated that line. Or, you at least repeated the way Hagman says “Bobby.”)

They did not leave on good terms. J.R. told Bobby he could stay at Southfork for as long as he wanted, since he’s family. Bobby told J.R., “I’m gonna take you down, brother.” It’s on! The best exchange, however, was between J.R. and Ann. She said everyone had warned her about him, but never in her wildest imagination did she think he was capable of doing this. “Well, Ann, you’re just gonna have to work on your imagination,” he said. The smile he flashed after she left the room is the reason this reboot works.

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