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Dallas season finale recap: Revelations and Revenge

Truths come out, and so do the claws as the scene is set for a juicy second season

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Dallas Revelations


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Barbara Bel Geddes, Linda Gray, Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy, Charlene Tilton, Victoria Principal

This season finale reminded me of a line from the Trace Adkins song “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” — we hate to see her go, but love to watch her leave. Why? We’ll have to wait until January for season 2, but this was a great end to season 1. That final shot, pulling back to show the nighttime city skyline from an empty space where the son had just told his evil father to teach him his dirty tricks, almost felt like something out of a superhero movie. Like they were Harry Osborn and the Green Goblin. I loved it. This episode belonged to Josh Henderson, who made me say “Awwww” when John Ross proposed to Elena and “S—, this is a good scene for him” when John Ross later fought back tears as he pleaded with Elena not to give up on him. Let’s dig in.

Thank god we got another shot of the blood-splattered stuffed animals. As we all guessed, it was Tommy who’d been shot. Rebecca dialed someone and said, “I’m in trouble.” Next thing you know there were men dragging Tommy’s body across the hardwood floor (instead of lifting it, which wouldn’t have made more of a mess, guys). They rolled him in plastic and then out the door in a bin.

We cut to the hospital where the family was waiting for word on Bobby, who was stable but hadn’t awoken from surgery, so they couldn’t determine whether he’d suffered any brain damage. J.R. said until security threw him out, he was going to talk to his brother, and alone with Bobby, he touched his hand and told him to wake up and fight — fight with him. He said he was going to tell Bobby something he’d never heard before: “I love you, Bobby, and I don’t know who I’d be without you.” J.R.’s chin quivered slightly, and I teared up a little.

John Ross took a call from Vicente, who wanted him to ask Christopher how soon the methane extraction rig he was standing on would be fully operational and able to be moved. Rebecca showed up at the hospital with bruises on her face and chest, and admitted Tommy and she had fought. Christopher wanted to find Tommy (to do what, Christopher?), but Rebecca said he was gone for good. She noticed Christopher was wearing his wedding ring again, and he told her she should, too.

Here’s what I don’t get: Why didn’t she just tell him that Tommy had stolen her rings for money to get out-of-town? That would have been totally believable and she wouldn’t have had to go comb through Tommy’s hotel room (finding nothing but photos of them kissing) and go visit the body being stored inside a van in a hangar. (That couldn’t have smelled good. Maybe dump it from a plane sooner?) She found a receipt from a pawn shop in his wallet. After Bobby woke up and was fine, John Ross took Elena to an office that was having its interior gutted. Turns out it was the old Ewing Oil building, and John Ross had rented the floor as a surprise for Christopher, to show him how much their family name means to him.

Then John Ross had a surprise for Elena: he proposed with a ring that he said reminded him of the first time he saw light reflecting on oil. He’d thought he’d never see anything as beautiful, but then he saw her. He knelt and told her he loved her and that everything was better with her. Okay, this oil-based proposal would not have worked on me, but it was pretty perfect for Elena, I suppose. She said yes. When Christopher showed up for a toast, he was immediately moved by the office space and eventually happy for Elena and John Ross. With them moving on, he was, too. He took Rebecca some Chinese food, like they had when they first started dating, and they kissed. He noticed she wasn’t wearing her ring, and she told him it was because the pregnancy had made her finger swell. Guess a man knows better than to argue with that.

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