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Cougar Town recap: Eat the Sword!

The truth about Laurie’s past hookup with Grayson threatens to cause a rift in her friendship with Jules

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Cougar Town Damage
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Cougar Town

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Welcome back to “not what the show is” Cougar Town! In “The Damage You’ve Done,” Ellie orchestrated a war between Jules and the one-time hookup-monster of Grayson & Laurie — seemingly just to stir up s— in the house! (It really is like a reality show at this point — they all pretty much live at Casa Cobb.) Ellie thought she deserved to watch a juicy scandal blow up, because she’d recently bought candy from an inner-city football team. Certainly that was reason enough.

After admitting that she had known Jules was into Grayson before she slept with him, Laurie spent the episode trying to prove her loyalty to Jules. I loved that this was serious stuff and could have potentially caused a permanent rift in their friendship — Laurie’s such a(n amazing) farce in general that we don’t usually see this side of her. She became a more fully realized character in this episode, and even if I don’t want serious Laurie all the time, you’ll never catch me complaining about that.

We all knew that the Laurie/Grayson sexytimes truly didn’t matter — to be honest, I’d forgotten they’d even done the deed. (Laurie had, too. “But you were there!” “Oh, right.”) But Jules needed some more convincing. Ellie’s machinations in the War of Harsh Truths — emphasized by fake yet complicated gunplay — led Jules to the conclusion that Laurie had never betrayed her trust to this degree. This was nothing like when she’d called her sneakers “squeakers.” I mean, that was annoying, but this was worse. In the end, Ellie caved. She’s a bitch, but she’s an honest bitch and had to admit, once her special powers had been turned against her, that Jules loved Laurie too much to drop her forever. It was good timing — an uncharacteristically tear-stricken Laurie needed a big hug from The Friend With the Reverse Cardigan, as Smith had just dumped her in the backyard.

Good riddance to that guy, I say. I’m glad he was honest with Laurie because that’s always best, but he never fit into The Group…because he never cared to build any relationships whatsoever. “I’m sorry about your life, Smith” was the best support Bobby could muster up, having just witnessed the sword-swallower “handle deep, baby, handle deep!” This was very Bobby, it was very sweet, and it kind of summed up the entire run of Smith’s character. Meanwhile, Travis, proud owner of an icky “Soul Friend” on his chin (for a few minutes), couldn’t make the break with Kylie — someone he truly cared about. He needs to stand up to that bite-kissing “ho-bag” soon. Travis and Laurie both deserve the name-breathing, “keep the baby” type of love. They need to eat the sword! (The catchphrase of the episode can clearly mean anything you want it to mean.)

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