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Containment recap: Be Angry at the Sun

Nothing complicates a viral outbreak like loaded guns

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Bob Mahoney/The CW


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David Gyasi, Chris Wood, Kristen Gutoskie
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Exercise trends come and go, but often the simplest methods yield the best results. You don’t need a SoulCycle pass to take a long bike ride, and you don’t need a CrossFit coach to do burpees. And when it comes to really building muscle, take a cue from Containment and try one of the best bodyweight exercises there is: Heaving corpses into an incinerator! If you thought Jake Riley (Chris Wood) was in good shape before, check him out after a few hours with the hospital furnace! His cremains-dusted tank top was practically bursting at the seams! [cue saxophone music]

Not since this week’s episode of Game of Thrones has the specter of death yielded such sexy results. (Naked corpse Jon Snow could get it.) But Jake’s sexy undertaker routine was a welcome change from how boring death’s been on Containment lately. Yes, a few people bled to death from their orifices in the first episode, but in settling into a week-to-week saga, the show has scaled back on the threat of the virus while we wait for that eventual riot the pilot promised. It’s saying something that nearly all of the tensest moments of “Be Angry at the Sun” had less to do with a virus and more to do with loaded guns. (The proliferation of which, to be fair, is probably the IRL most dangerous virus in America. #thinkpiece)

Until now most of Containment‘s gunplay had been restricted to cops and authority figures, but this week a local yokel and his girlfriend attempted to knock over Teresa’s mom’s bodega. The moment was shocking, but perhaps only because the citizens of Containment had been relatively polite to one another so far. Days into the cordoning of an entire neighborhood, people were still seeming pretty cool with the price gouging and inconveniences. No more! Civilization was finally starting to erode. Fortunately the bodega standoff was neutralized by, you guessed it, MORE guns, as Jake and his fellow cops intervened. But the biggest takeaway from this episode is that as more people grow desperate, the good guys won’t be able to save the day for much longer.

Because the virus had seemed pretty, uh, contained in the past two episodes, we as viewers have been looking for cracks in the quarantine (because, again, a flash-forward told us that things will get bad). This week provided one: A random hospital janitor with a bloody mouth grabbed one of the kids Katie had been supervising. But when the kid’s father showed up with, you guessed it, a GUN, that boy was taken out into the wild against Katie’s protests. They’re all still technically inside the cordon, but viral outbreaks are a game of loose ends, and an end was now very loose.

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