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Containment recap: I to Die, You to Live

In its second episode, The CW’s ickiest thriller showed more personality

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Bob Mahoney/The CW


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The main thing to know about Containment so far is it’s not the kind of show you should watch while eating a spaghetti dinner. Maybe also avoid beet salads or borscht, or really any food that is both red and wet. Although, if you have any appetite at all during Containment‘s many scenes involving dripping gristle and viscera, then maybe just eat whatever you feel like! Proud of you. But I’ll be over here reminiscing about the time food seemed like a good idea.

“I to Die, You to Live” began with a grisly autopsy and featured several scenes of humans oozing bodily fluids from their face holes. Because this show made no promises of becoming a zombie apocalypse thriller, it’s these gruesome deaths that are the primary threat to the characters’ happiness. As we learned in this episode the fatality rate is 100 percent, so if anyone so much as sniffles, we can expect the Grim Reaper to come sprinting. In that regard, the tension derived from this premise is relatively minimal, which was why Containment‘s second episode focused on what life might be like when you’re forced to sleep in waiting rooms and subsist on food you found in the break room: Not great!

Because Containment‘s characters are mostly separated by electric fencing (and the premise itself), it’s taken on a sort of anthology-vibe as each story line felt relatively independent from the rest. Like, though it was by no means the most major plotline, my favorite was probably Jana’s imprisonment in her computer lab alongside some coworkers. There was just something charmingly sad about grown women in blue hazmat suits (resembling footie pajamas) playing ring toss with office supplies while openly musing about what their families were up to at that very moment (or, in this case, their birth mothers whom neither seem to have met). But with Containment‘s setup out of the way, it was weird scenes like this that began to truly reveal the show’s personality, and that weirdness was very welcome.

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In what could be described as the show’s main plotline, authorities discovered that Patient Zero’s younger brother had a girlfriend, so Dr. Sabine and Major Lex needed to track her down in case she’d been infected. Using a Big Brother-esque mainframe not unlike the one in Person of Interest, they used citywide security footage to track her whereabouts to a teen sleepover somewhere inside the cordon. Though hunky Jake and his tanktop were still seriously very ticked about getting trapped inside the cordon, he somehow gathered himself, put on his facial splash-guard, and helped detain the young woman. But as last week’s flash-forward revealed (spoiled?), the virus was far from contained, so it was probably too early to celebrate just yet.

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