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Containment recap: Yes is the Only Living Thing

A widespread jewelry heist built toward a high-stakes escape

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David Gyasi, Chris Wood, Kristen Gutoskie
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Every drama’s best character is the Grim Reaper. Oh sure, you might think the best character is the wise-cracking best friend or the irascible grandmother, but no. The best character is the Grim Reaper. The tattered ghoul with bony fingers and old-timey gardening equipment might bum us out always and forever, but look at all the storytelling possibilities and pathos that death brings to a story! For example, Containment spent nine hours being borderline boring (save for the occasional meth head on a dirt bike), but then the Grim Reaper came trundling up to strike down its leading lady. And now, I hate to tell you this: Containment is wonderful and that’s the truth.

The reason I hate to tell you this is because Containment is likely finished after next week’s finale. Sure, The CW marketed it as a “limited series,” which is the TV version of making a self-deprecating joke before someone else can insult you. Containment is canceled. And the true tragedy is that, after last week’s episode and especially this week’s “Yes is the Only Living Thing,” Containment is finally a must-watch. A for effort, death. Better late than never.

One of the best occurrences on TV is when an actor returns to film scenes as a corpse. (Congratulations, Kristen Gutoskie!) I mean that; it would honestly be my dream job to play dead all day and get paid for it. But yes, despite any optimistic question marks after Katie’s death last week, this week’s episode confirmed the worst: She’s dead. Which meant that, yes, this week Jake had to clean up Katie’s corpse and push her into a furnace. The newfound love of his life! The scene was dark, even for The CW, and it opened an episode that never stopped being compelling. Grief is a hard topic to explore, so Containment kept things productive. Rather than wallow, Jake set out to accomplish something: Get drunk. It was on this mission to find booze that he encountered Jana, who informed him she was about to bounce, which reminded him he’d promised to help get Quentin out of the cordon somehow. We finally had a unifying goal just in time for the finale: Escape.

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The only thing more thrilling than watching all these plotlines dovetail — Teresa and Xander also joined the attempted exodus — was the similar way each character rustled up the $5,000 to pay their guide: Jewelry heists! Okay, fine — some of them acquired jewelry legally, but it was highly amusing to see Jake, Suzy, and Teresa immediately find expensive jewelry like they were Mardi Gras beads on a bar floor. (It was admittedly touching when Jake whispered “thank you” to the jars of ashes he’d grave-robbed.) So far, so good!

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