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Containment recap: Nothing Gold Can Stay

The CW series brought us its first shocking death… Or did it?

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Um, wait. Hold on. Did that really just happen? Is that even allowed?

To be entertained is to suspend disbelief, but usually we only have to do that when it comes to characters’ ages or apartment sizes or when TV shows pretend the main characters’ lives are in jeopardy when we know those characters will never die. Like, come on. We read the trades, that actor isn’t going anywhere. But now here’s Containment. And guys? I think Containment just killed off its leading lady.

Or did it? Katie certainly looked dead when the episode cut to its somber credits. But without the helpful drone of a flatline or a character manually lowering her eyelids, who can be sure? I hate to say it, but I’m actually hoping Containment had the bravery to kill off one of its romantic leads during its first season. But did it really do so in Episode 11? Killing off a main character is a season-finale move!

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After Katie’s ominously bloody cough last week, many of us expected the rest of Containment‘s episodes to be concerned with the race for a cure or treatment that would not only prolong her life, but also provide hope for the story moving forward. But while Dr. Cannerts certainly put in about 15 good minutes of effort, the Grim Reaper still came running. Katie’s death was one of the more unpleasant and disgusting things to air on The CW since the last iHeartRadio festival. We’re talking nightmares about melting flesh, children falling into buckets of blood, bloody eyeballs. That Katie’s messy, bloody end came as she lay in Jake’s arms was sliiightly heartwarming, sure, but it’s never fun to see a nice lady dissolve into a puddle of goo.

Or did she? I wouldn’t put it past this show to suddenly unveil a twist where she kinda-sorta survived and will be back to looking cute a few hours later. Take the subplot about Grandpa Bert. We last saw him lying in the street with a broken leg as the National Guard opened fire at civilians. As it turned out, he’d spent the past three (?) days asleep in a wet car and was now fine again. (Well, after devising a cardboard splint, anyway.) His journey home to bring his injured wife medical treatment became the episode’s redeeming note of positivity, especially when he crossed paths with Jana, who gave him food and her own shopping cart out of the kindness of her heart. Just when things had been bleakest in the cordon, Grandpa Bert still made it, mostly due to the kindness of others. Maybe Katie will receive surprising, life-saving help as well?

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